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Poweramp v3 Beta Review: The Best Music Player for Android?

The Poweramp v3 Beta has been out for a while and here is our review. If there’s one thing about Android that we totally adore; is the ability to tweak anything to your preference, the way you like it. And developers now trying to make their apps look beautiful with an attractive user interface.

Of course, there are lots of music player apps on the Play Store, but most of them aren’t actually that good with minimal features to explore. Poweramp used to be that go-to music Player that offers incredible features that you don’t even get on desktop music players. The app was known for its attractive UI, well, Poweramp v3 beta has just breathed new life into this ageing music player.

Even though we have seen modern-looking alternatives on the Google Play Store after Poweramp stopped development in 2016, but none was like it. Poweramp is still one of the very best music players you could get right now. The only annoying thing about Poweramp now is the UI which is outdated. Music is fun, lively and puts us in a good mood.

But no one wants to do all that while staring at an old looking app with outdated UI. Poweramp was like the Winamp of Android. Poweramp v3 beta now brings a much-needed coat of fresh paint to the music player, making it look all premium and classy flowing with the modern age.

Poweramp v3 Beta Review: Design

The user interface on Poweramp has been totally redesigned and it doesn’t look like it is using material design anymore. It’s now different from other music player apps you might have used. It doesn’t rely on a side menu drawer for navigation anymore, the app relies on a navigation bar at the bottom.

Poweramp v3 Beta Review

Just launch the Poweramp v3 Beta app, you’ll see the Now Playing screen. Of course, you can change that if that’s not how you want it. From the left to right, you’ll see four icons on the navigation bar, they are Library, Equalizer, Search and Menu. Right now, there are no alternative themes, the black places before are now white. Furthermore, it comes with animations, which is pretty nice and refreshing.

Poweramp v3 Beta Features

Poweramp is known for its features than design, it has support for mp3, m4a, Ogg, WMA, Flac, and other audio formats. There’s an internal equalizer that’s actually amazing, you also get crossfade, gapless playback, support for displaying lyrics, etc. Some of the features on it are still broken because it’s in Beta mode.

Poweramp v3 Beta Cons

• There are no library categories yet (you can only use All Songs, Folders, or Albums)
• There’s no “List Options” in Library screens
• List/track/preset operations like deletion, adding to playlists, etc not yet supported
• No landscape or tablet-specific layouts
• No custom lock screen

How To Use Poweramp v3 Beta

• To go to the current playing list, swipe or click album art.

• Swipe album art for the next/previous track.

• Drag more for category change (applies also to the bottom mini player).

• Use the bottom mini player to return to the main UI or to change tracks.

• Swipe left/right from lists for a fast return.

• Pinch-zoom in lists.

How To Download Poweramp v3 Beta

You can download the app Here.


Follow the link and download the Poweramp v3 beta APK file and install it to experience its features. Let us know what you think below.

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