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Samsung A7x Series Might be Discontinued, Galaxy A74 may not Launch

The Samsung Galaxy A series lineup consists of the A5x, A2x, A0x, A2x, and more. They had the upper midrange in the A7x which could be the A74, A73, or A72. It looks like Samsung won’t be launching the Samsung Galaxy A74 next year.

A new report from the Galaxy Club suggests that Samsung might consider discontinuing the Galaxy A7x series. This means that in 2023 there might be no Galaxy A74. The publication noted that there have been leaks and rumors about the upcoming A24 and A54 but there is nothing about the A74. It hasn’t appeared on any certification websites and no firmware is available.

The Report is still more of an assumption and there isn’t any official confirmation from Samsung yet. It is still very much possible that the Samsung Galaxy A74 might be launched next year. The Galaxy A7x lineup isn’t as popular as say the A5x or A3x series. It doesn’t generate sales the way other Galaxy A series phones do.

The Galaxy A73 and A72 are upper midrange phones with exceptional cameras, battery life, display, and performance aren’t always the best. They are not performance oriented and there are a lot of competing phones around or below their price. That might be one of the reasons it doesn’t do well in the market.

There have been leaks about the upcoming A14, A24, A34, and people’s favorite the A54. They are expected to debut sometime in 2023. The Galaxy A53 is one of the highest-selling phones of 2022 and the A54 is expected to come with upgraded features.

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