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Samsung Galaxy S7 explodes in Abuja, Samsung replies

A Samsung Galaxy S7 shocked its user when it suddenly exploded in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about such incidents, there have been lots of reported cases of mobile phones suddenly exploding. According to Nigerian Twitter user, Plangkat Miller-Ham (@peekaymila), he said a friend’s Samsung Galaxy S7 suddenly exploded in his office at the capital city.


From the Twitter post, the device is still on the table where it exploded. Although, he didn’t specify if it exploded while the friend was charging it or if the phone was being overused. However, he warned smartphone users not to ignore precaution messages sent to them by their mothers.

He wrote: “My colleague’s Samsung Galaxy S7 just exploded on his table. Those whatsapp messages our mothers’ have been sending us are true, guys.”

Within hours, the tweet went viral with almost a thousand retweets and Samsung’s official Twitter account replied him.

The support account apologized for replying late and asked him if everyone at his office is doing well.

He responded, saying; “Everyone is ok. Thank you.”

The account also asked if he is outside of the US, because his profile location reads “Abuja, Nigeria”.

He said yes.

The support account disclosed where the user can take the phone to and get it “taken care of”. The Nigerian Twitter user hasn’t replied that tweet, and we have no idea if the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be repaired for free.

Joseph Young
Joseph Young
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