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Samsungs Galaxy F ( SM F9000) Passes Through CMIIT

The latest Samsung Galaxy F or fold seems to be taking over the market. The phone has been seen recently going through China’s ministry of industry and information technology (CMIIT) which means that the phone will be sold in the Chinese market. This comes at a time when Samsung is planning a major event next month which will likely see the unveiling of the Galaxy F.

Samsung galaxy F


The model number SM- F9000 is accompanied by a letter that would show the markets that the phone is intended for. “U” is for the US, “F” is for EU and “A” is for Asia. There was no much information revealed about the phone outside from the model number that was seen in a document.

Rumours have been flying up and down that the Galaxy Fold will come with 512GB of internal storage and that the phone will run on latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 CPU. There is also another rumour that Samsung plans to make one million units f Galaxy Fold and the price is estimated to be around $1800. Also, the phone might come with a whopping 6,000mAh battery and the display will measure 4.58 inches when folded and will be 7.3 inches when opened.

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