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Sefan.Ru: How to download Games on Sefan.Ru

If you owned a java or Symbian mobile phone, also known as S40 and S60 Phones back on the day then you must have heard or known of as it was pretty popularly during its time. The website offers a whole lot of different files which can be downloaded for free-ranging from games, apps, wallpapers and even themes. It now also has support for Android games as well as retaining the old java games and Applications. The website is originally in Russia which is guess is because it was created by a Russian but it has two other language options, thankfully, one of it is English.

Now, you can change the language to English but it will only translate some part of the website to English and not all of and most of the website will still be written in Russian which you’ll find out a lot more as we go on. As I said, everything on the website can be downloaded for free and the interface is clean and neat which makes it the very best looking website for games download I’ve seen in a while. No unnecessary popups, no adds, no Download button taking you to another site, just simple and straightforward. Everything on the website has also been categorised so you can get to what you want a lot faster. With all that said, let’s show you how you can download from the website.

How To Download Games On Sefan.Ru

  1. Open any browser you would like to use for the Download. I’ll recommend UC Browser on Android and Java Phones and Chrome Browser on PC.
  2. Now, Visit the Sefan.Ru Website (www.Sefan.Ru)
  3. When you get to the website, you’ll see that everything is not in English language but Russian so to change that to English you’ll need to Click on the US flag in the middle of two other flags. Wait for it to reload the page and when it does, it’ll be in English.
  4. Now you can click on the section you would to access Android, Symbian, Themes, Videos etc.
  5. If you Click on Android, for example, you’ll be shown different options like games, wallpapers, widget etc. Clicking on games will reveal different categories for the games section.
  6. If you Click on a category like action then you’ll be shown games in that category with the description written in Russian. While this is a little of an issue, you can still go ahead and Download the game by clicking on the games and tapping on the “Load Apk” option. This will begin your Download.

Almost, if not all aspect of this sites does the same thing as it was created in Russian and as such all aspects of the website can’t be fully translated to English. However, you should be able to download any file from the website without any issue by following the steps above. You can also sort each section in alphabetical order so as to make locating what you want to download a lot easier.

Got questions? Let us know through the comment section down below.

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