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ShareSave-Xiaomi Ecosystem Online E-Commerce Platform

Xiaomi has presented the world with a new e-commerce platform which allows for easy and cost-effective purchase of ecosystem devices and products that are accessible only in China. The Chinese electronics giant’s “ShareSave” is a move to grow the coverage area of its ecosystem products through the use of social e-commerce as the main model for the platform to garner more users.

Xiaomi ShareSave Features

ShareSave app features an outstanding approach to the purchase of goods with quite a lot of avenues to minimize the cost of the product via outright purchases or paired orders with friends and family members for a discount. This app comes with a prior launch in India with the intent to expand to other markets in the nearest future. Through this avenue, the company can test-run the market on the local demand for numerous types of products. Xiaomi still owns the world’s largest consumer IoT platform, having more than 132 million connected devices other than smartphones and laptops.

On ShareSave, the amount of cost you minimize on every item you buy is a function of the mode of purchase adopted.

  • Pair-up: Guarantees you and your friend an exclusive discount when you buy more of the same product.
  • Drop: Offers you a whopping amount up to a 100% product cost up for grab when a good number of your friends and family members become part of the drop group.
  • Kickstart: Allows you to raise a specific amount as a startup for your choice item and benefit up to 10 times in return.

You are not under compulsion to purchase through these social discounts; as goods can be accessed without necessarily bringing your friends or family members on the platform.

Xiaomi ShareSave app

What is ShareSave and How can it be downloaded?

The official Android version of the app can be downloaded on the Google Play and is fully accessible to Android users on their devices, whereas the iOS and web version has no clear details on when it will be unveiled for use. Products such as Desk Lamps, Soocas Sonic Electric Toothbrush X1 Lite, Mi x Wiha Precision Screwdriver, Yeelight LED light bulb (Color), which are currently available on the app, might already exist on Amazon platform with the importing cost being transferred to the customers.

Xiaomi cross-border e-commerce platform determines to make full local support available for every product purchase in the form of after-sales services and doorstep delivery, thereby making it possible for you to enjoy the same ecosystem products from the Mainland China.

The social side of ShareSave projects the importance of community,  which allows Mi Fans to connect and share exclusive shopping experience on the platform. As a result of its ecosystem portfolio and just recently, Xiaomi has developed and affiliated with more than 100 IoT and lifestyle companies.

However, in order to actualize its aim of making sure that everyone has access to innovation, ShareSave provides a detailed product selection ranging from security camera, Television, router, soundbar, fitness band, Bluetooth speaker, air purifier and others such as smart hardware and lifestyle products which were previously not available in markets outside of China. Courtesy of Xiaomi, users can now enjoy the latest technology and quality lifestyle products. These products are currently stated in USD and they are tax inclusive, although you have the option to convert it to Indian currency. The delivery period for most of the products is between five to ten days.


Xiaomi has gone way beyond the production of smartphones as it presumed itself as the originator of an ecosystem, which can be compared with the exact way Apple and Samsung see themselves. Since its creation in April 2010, Xiaomi has fervently worked toward innovations in terms of smartphones and smart hardware leveraging on an IoT Platform.

Tijani Mustapha
Tijani Mustapha
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