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Simple Way To Check Airpod Battery Status

If we take away the fact that AirPods are not water-resistant, I think most people would agree that the AirPods is definitely one of Apple’s greatest inventions, especially since the iPhone entered the market. Here, we take a look at simple ways to check Airpod battery status.

If you look at the whole concept for the Airpods, from the sleek design to the power, we are sure you’d agree that the Airpods is one innovation that deserves an applause.

But as we all know, knowing how to do the simple things on new innovations can be really tough sometimes, and the fact that you’re reading this right now is enough to believe that you understand what I mean.

One of the Airpod’s strong suits is its solid battery life. In fact, a five (5) minute charge of your Airpods Pro in their case can give you up to 1 hour of listening time or 1 hour of talk time. But even with the Airpods good battery life, it’d still be essential to know when it might be necessary to recharge your Airpods.

The Airpods itself lets you know when they are getting low on battery so you can plug them in. Airpods signals with a tone twice before it dies when battery life has reached a critical level. It sounds the first tone when it has just entered a critical level battery level and the second and final tone just right before the Airpods dies.

Of course, the battery level warning tone may be a sufficient indicator to note when to plug in your Airpods; however, there are times when you just want to know exactly how much battery life you’ve left on your Airpods.

And it’s for such cases that we are going to teach you how to get the approximate battery life left on your Airpods from your iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac, or the Airpods charging case.

How to Check AirPod Battery Life

Check Airpod Battery Statu

On iPhone

Place your ‌AirPods‌ into the charging case, keeping the case lid opened. Bring the Airpods close to a paired device while making sure that the Bluetooth is turned on. To confirm that the Bluetooth on a paired iPhone device is turned on, swipe up from the bottom of your device screen & then verify that the Bluetooth symbol is blue. When you do this, the Airpods battery life, as well as the case, should pop up on the paired iPhone screen.

To see individual percentages for the two earpieces, take out an AirPod from the case.

Another subtle way to check the charge status of your ‌AirPods‌ while you’re wearing them, from your iPhone is to use the Batteries widget in your ‌iPhone‌’s Today View. To access, simply swipe right on the Lock screen or on your Home screen’s first screen of apps.

The batteries widget will always show a single percentage to represent both Airpods when you’re wearing them, and you can safely assume this to be the rounded down value of the earpiece with the lowest battery. The widget will also display the current charge level of your charging case.

If you do not have it already installed, you can add the Batteries widget manually. Here’s how to do that: Head to the Today view; navigate to the bottom of the column of widgets, and then hit the Edit button.

Now, simply tap the green plus button in the list next to Batteries and tap Done in the upper right of the screen.

On Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch, you can also check the battery level of your ‌AirPods‌ from your wrist with your ‌Apple Watch‌ when you have paired the Airpods with your iPhone or directly with the Apple watch

To do this, open the Control Center on your ‌Apple Watch‌ and Click on the ‌Apple Watch‌ battery icon, which is indicated by a percentage.

Your ‌AirPods‌’ battery level is displayed as a ring below the ‌Apple Watch‌ battery percentage.

On your Mac

When you have paired your AirPods with your Mac, you can view the battery life from the desktop. If you’re wearing your AirPods, the battery life will be displayed on the screen. If you aren’t wearing the AirPods, open the charging case lid first.

  1. Turn On the Bluetooth of your Mac.
  2. Once you the Bluetooth is turned on, your Airpods should be listed under “Devices.”
  3. Hover over the AirPods and you’ll see the battery life of both AirPods and the charging case.

Without Using a Paired Device

Even if you don’t have a paired device with you, you can still get a general idea of how much battery life you have left in your Airpods without waiting to hear the critical battery tone.

And the simple way to do this is to understand the different colours from the Airpods charging case actually means this light’s located on the front of the case on second-generation Airpods.

While the Airpods are placed in, open the case and check the colour of the LED. If it’s green, the AirPods are still well over 50% charged. However, if it’s amber, you can safely assume you have less than 50% battery life left on your Airpods.

Here’s a little piece of info to note:

When the AirPods are in the charging case & its lid is open, the light shows the charge status of your AirPods. However, when your AirPods aren’t in your case, the light shows the status of your case instead.

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