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Reasons You Should Get a Smartphone with Great Battery Life

Smartphones are unarguably one of the most useful devices of the 21st century but one critical area smartphone makers haven’t given top priority is- battery life. You know the feeling when you don’t have the luxury of a constant power supply and you are always reminded that you have 10% battery life remaining.

When it comes to mobile phones, power means battery life and as innovation in mobile technology increases, battery life has been one key feature smartphones users look out for when making a buying decision.

Power is needed to do basic things in life just like our phones are fitted with batteries for us to enjoy them. Sadly not all smartphones can take us through 24 hours of usage, hence when making a buying decision, it is important you consider one key area- Battery Life.

Below we listed some reasons you should consider getting a smartphone with a great battery life

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Great battery Life means no frequent charging

Nomophobia is what you get when you are plagued with a device that has poor battery life, we get worried and in a quest to get rid of this, a lot of people now carry power banks around to charge their phones. Whether it’s convenient or not.

Great battery Life means more convenient life

We all want convenient life but do you know that phones with terrible battery life can frustrate your life? How do you feel when in the middle of watching that epic movie or expecting that important call, and all of a sudden the unexpected happens- Battery Low!!! Very sad right?

When your phone’s battery is low on power you can’t use the internet, you can’t make a call or do basic things with your phone, then what is the usefulness of super great smartphone with terrible battery life?

You always think of ways to charge it, perhaps stopping off at a local coffee shop to hook up to a power adapter. Some people even switch the phone off occasionally to save battery to make an important call later. All these na stress oo.

The Bigger the battery capacity, the longer time of usage

This needs no argument that the bigger your phone battery is, the longer the time you will use it. Nowadays, many people travel very frequently, either at work or for leisure. And for them, buying a bigger battery means having fewer worries about charging and the phobia that comes with frequency low power.

Besides, many people who live in rural areas with no access to constant power will prefer a phone with a long-lasting battery.

Also, a phone with great battery life can make a whole lot of difference for people who play games, check out Facebook or news apps, navigate through Google Maps, download, read and reply to emails, and all manner of other things in addition to making cellular calls and sending text messages.

A phone with a huge battery can be used to charge other phones

If your phone battery is up to 5000mAh, you can use it to power other phones, thereby defeating the need for a power bank. You might have been wondering which phone has all of these features.

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  1. Apart from the battery that makes it special. It has other features that are worthy of note too. Love it.


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