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Steps to Fix a Phone that Won’t Charge

See how to fix a phone that won’t charge easily. At some point, you might have experienced having a smartphone that won’t charge. It’s a problem that’s almost inevitable when you use a smartphone, especially if you use it for long. An average smartphone user charges its phone more than once a day. As with other electrical devices, some problems are bound to occur at some point.

how to fix a phone that won't charge

Sometimes the phone might start charging more slower than it used to and you might begin to wonder what went wrong. Or maybe the device could be refusing to charge altogether. If you’re experiencing any of these problems then this article is for you. Without further ado, see how to fix a phone that won’t charge.

Different power source

How about trying a different power source? Maybe the charger and your phone’s USB port is working pretty well. But your power outlet needs to be checked, you can try from a different docket entirely or from your computer. If your phone starts charging then it’s from the power source. If not let’s try something else.

Charging cable

If your phone isn’t charging yet, it’s time to check the charging cable or USB cable if you’re using a smartphone. The charging cable is one the most fragile charging equipment, it’s most likely the charging cable. Especially when there’s a lot unwrapping, rewrapping, flexing and rolling of the cable. You can try a different cable to see if it charges if it doesn’t let’s try the next step.

Wall adapter

The wall adapter needs to check right now and you can try a new one. Although the wall adapter hardly gets spoilt and can last for years. You can try a new adapter and see if it works, if it doesn’t, you can move to the next step.

Turn off your phone

Try turning your phone for some minutes, maybe you were playing a heavy or graphic-intensive game. Sometimes when a phone overheats, it might stop charging in general. Or maybe you’re using more power than the phone is taking in, so you need to close all tabs and switch it off for a moment before turning it on.

Check the USB port

As we charge our phones frequently, the USB port might get too expanded and maybe get spoilt with time. Or maybe the USB cable metal connector is bent and couldn’t connect internally with the charging port. You can take the phone to a mobile operator to have a look at it, it might not be that serious.

Change the battery

Alternatively, the battery can’t take any more power in, so you have to change it. If your battery is non-removable you can take it to your mobile operator to have a look at it. If the battery is badly damaged then you might need to get a new phone altogether.

Update your OS

People don’t bother updating their operating system especially when there’s an update. An OS update can help your phone in so many ways, you need to update to the latest operating system your phone can accept and hope the battery will start charging again.

This is how to fix a phone that won’t charge. Have you tried any of these methods? If none of them worked then your mobile operator might have a solution for you. Do you have any other suggestions that you think might help? Please let us know below.

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