Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Tecno Camon Phone With RGBW Sensor and In-house Image Processing Algorithm Set To Be Released

Tecno, the Chinese phone giant that beat Apple to Africa, has reaffirmed its project to establish high-quality mobile cameras, citing the advancement of an RGBW sensor (in collaboration with Samsung) and an in-house data processing algorithm. ISOCELL GWB is the current RGBW sensor, and the 64MP RGBW sensor will make its debut in a Tecno Camon smartphone.

The RGBW sensor’s improved quality allows it to capture up to 60% more light than an RGB sensor, which is a significant improvement over an RGB sensor. Furthermore, the more expensive and effective Glass+Plastic lens assembly with improved light management and better performance than the all-plastic lens.

The Camon phone that will hit shelves with the new RGBW sensor and algorithm does not have a specific model number yet. Tecno claims that its algorithm has discovered a better way to capture human features and skin tones. Samsung is working with Tecno on the RGBW architecture, and the company claims that DSLR-quality photography will soon be a reality for everyday smartphone owners.

Tecno hopes to use the algorithm to produce high-quality videos on its devices.

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