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Tecno HiOS Launcher Review: What We Love and Hate

The HiOS (Hardware Independent Operating System) launcher is a highly customizable and fast home screen replacement that is 100% free. It is a fully customized OS which is built on the Android operating system, designed specifically for Tecno smartphones. The HIOS lets you enjoy an array of personalization features without the need to root your device. Over the years, it has experienced a lot of improvements, bringing about novel, innovative features. In this review article, we will expound the pros and cons of the latest HIOS 4.1, which came pre-loaded on TECNO Camon 11 Pro and other recent releases from TECNO.

HiOS Launcher: The Good

The HiOS launcher offers you an interesting range of perks and benefits, including a wide variety of themes, zero screen, smart folder organization, a clean UI, and many others. Let’s shed more light on these goodies below:

TECNO HiOS Launcher

Powerful Themes

This launcher gives you access to a rich collection of over 350,000 wallpapers as well as more than 10 different categories of themes, well-curated to meet your needs. The Theme DIY feature has also been improved, allowing you upload your own DIY Theme with ease.


The new smart zero screen gives you instant access to the weather forecast, your favorite apps, and a newsfeed customizable card, depending on your interests. To use the feature, just swipe to the right.

Smart Folder Organization

HiOS 4.1 comes with one-hand mode in Folder, which helps you organize your folder smartly and enables folder scrolling with stunning effects.

Dual Apps

You may own 2 different WhatsApp accounts, but you only have 1 smartphone. This software lets you run 1 app using 2 separate accounts on a single device, simultaneously.

Daily Picture

Enjoy high-quality pictures, updated daily with refresh quotes on HiOS 4.1. These images can be easily downloaded and are copyright-free. To use the option, simply drag down from the top in A–Z.

Clean Interface

This launcher software brings out the best in your device with its technology booster. The HiOS launcher is extremely easy to use as in just a single click, you can boost your RAM and extend the performance of your mobile.

System Navigation Gesture

The pre-installed app, Fooview, helps you use the system navigation gesture, offering you smoother user experience. You can also record your device screen and share any GIF you choose with friends.

Global Search and Hot Words

You can easily search for frequently used applications, news info, etc. in a fast and efficient manner. You also get real-time hot words on Twitter, Google and stay updated.

Multilanguage Support

HiOS launcher supports over 13 languages, including English, Français, Português(Portugal),Kiswahili, Español(Latin), Afaan Oromoo,Indonesia, and others.

Quick App Launch with Fingerprints

HIOS 4.1 allows you to set up different fingers to launch and unlock various apps, instantly.

Fingerprint Call Recording

The software allows you to conveniently record ongoing calls by simply long pressing on your fingerprint sensor to initiate or end the recording.

Game Acceleration

Lastly, with the game acceleration feature, you can prioritize your gaming. The option also lets you set up anti-disturb features to make your gaming experience more immersive.

HiOS Launcher: The Bad

Pesky Ads

The major downside of HiOS 4.1 is that it nags you with obnoxious ads. These ads come in 2 versions. Instant Apps recommends games you can play without the need to install them, such as Sushi Cat, Freddy, Comboy Zombie, Boat Rush, Ninja Flips, and the likes. This kind of ads is not disturbing.

However, Instant Apps comprise more than just games because every once in a while, a non-gaming application ad crops up.

The second ad variant could be more disruptive in its visibility strategy. At the top section of applications drawn on the launcher, there is an icon indicating a collection of favorite applications, which you use the most. On the next row of the shelf, a rotating ad that is conspicuously placed there stares in your face.

Due to the aggressive, intrusive, and virtually spam-like nature of the adverts, public feedback or an announcement should have been made before implementation. But there was nothing of that sort.


Launched on December 21, 2016, HiOS is a customized variant of the Android OS. The software can be regarded as the skin wrapping the Android mobile operating system on TECNO smartphones. The launcher app comes with an array of impressive features, such as a clean UI, a wide variety of themes, zero screen, smart folder organization, Multilanguage support, system navigation gesture, game mode, fingerprint call recording, among others. It is warm and attractive with a blend of colors and runs smoothly most times.

However, its main shortcoming is that ads on it can be annoyingly disruptive. All in all, HiOS launcher is an innovative tool to bring out the best in your Tecno mobile device.

Tijani Mustapha
Tijani Mustapha
Tijani Mustapha Adedeji is a Senior Tech Writer on Phonecorridor. He has a strong flair for gadgets and tech-related developments around the globe. Deji, based in Lagos, Nigeria, is an avid reader, who loves meeting people.


  1. My Tecno phone is now full of problems, reporting failures like;
    1.HiOS launcherisnt responding,
    2.Gmail isn’t responding and many other Apps

    This is a new Tecno smartphone.
    I am confused what can I do?

    Please send me a quick SOLUTION.

    Granville Kaaya(Mr)