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TECNO Ready To Set The Bar For Android Phones With The Release Of Sensor Shift IS.

TECNO plans to include Sensor Shift technology in its new products in 2022, making it the first Android phone brand to do so. Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max was the first phone to use this type of IS, and all 13-series models followed suit.

Instead of moving the lens, sensor shift IS moves the sensor, allowing it to correct the roll axis (which a lens-based IS cannot). In comparison to current image stabilization solutions, Tecno claims that sensor shift technology combined with a new algorithm will improve image stabilization accuracy by 350%.It should be clear after watching the video below.

Then there’s the telescopic zoom lens, which will have a motor that can extend and retract the lens smoothly.

TECNO is dedicated to constant innovation and the production of professional photography and videography cameras.

As TECNO advances into sophisticated camera technology, 2022 appears to be a promising year for the company.

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