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Telegram Update Brings fully customizable chat Backgrounds

A new version 5.3 telegram app for iOS and Android will completely remove the background image system. This will allow users to choose background images from any of the built-in images.

Also, there is a search box built within the app where users can search for images if they don’t find the type of image they are looking for. Users can also upload images from there gallery and use it as their background image.

Telegram also updated the process of setting image. Users now have the option of blurring their image, which will improve the legibility of the chat. The bad effect of that is that the blurring effect is strong and blurs the image beyond recognition. Using a slider with control over blur strength would have been better. Another added feature is that users can now activate the motion effect, which creates a parallel effect with the wallpaper when you physically tilt your device.

Patterns can also be used as background. Users have the option to select a background colour for the pattern as well as the pattern itself from a good number of available options.

With a single tap, you can activate your selected background across all your devices. Other people can still help you set your background if you share your personal background with them.

The update is currently available in android and you can download it. But due to some temporary glitches which are attributed to an app store that is stopping some apps from updating, the iOS version is not available for now. But it will be available soon.

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