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Telegram X vs. Original Telegram-Features and UI

On January 31, 2018, Telegram launched its new improved version of the mobile messaging platform, dubbed Telegram X. It is designed to be significantly faster and smoother than its original application.

Telegram X is entirely separate from the primary telegram software. According to online reports, the update is based on a new codebase. Telegram X offers all the major messaging features, which you would find in the regular Telegram app. However, there are a couple of additional new features as well.

Those include a bubble-free messages view expanding photos to full size, new gesture shortcuts allowing you to instantly switch between tabs, and a new preview option enabling you to tap & hold on any chat to preview newly received messages.

Which is better between the newer Telegram X and the original Telegram app? Let’s find out as we compare both apps based on their individual features and user interface.

Telegram X vs. Original Telegram

Telegram X vs. Original Telegram

For starters, you need to note most of the features in both versions overlap. There are many similarities in the entire interface, so no Telegram user should find it tedious chatting with Telegram X. it is now clear that the most popular of the features have later migrated to the primary Telegram application.

Of course, the first of many is the auto-night mode that we discussed below.

Comparing the two versions, the first thing you would spot is a new chat interface. We have more exciting features on Telegram X, as you will get to find out when you use it.


Auto Night Mode 

A feature that is simply called a “Dark Mode” in Telegram has got a name — Night Mode — in the newer Telegram X. Apart from this, Telegram X can switch to auto night mode while in a dark place, and you can also calibrate darkness detection to whichever degree suitable for you.

Bubble-free mode

Telegram X allows you to choose to do away with bubbles and replace them with a more linear chatting experience if you so please. You may find this bubble-free mode a bit drab, though.

Enhanced Music Player

Telegram X comes with a music player. At last!

Telegram X’s music player mirrors the ambient theme of the messaging app itself. There is a dark-themed music player, which reflects your app’s dark theme. Plus, the Album artwork covers half of the screen creatively. Music that you are yet to download to local shows up with a cloud icon.

Data Saver

Telegram X gets a new Data Saver feature that is in Data and Storage. The option works just the way it is shown in adverts and saves you some extra data immediately you change to mobile data/roaming.

A Set of Stickers

Though the primary Telegram app just had a set of stickers previously, more functionality was minimal than at best. The newer version, Telegram X, offers much more advanced features, allowing you to view Trending, Installed & Archived stickers, in addition to Masks.

Just recently, the primary Telegram app got the feature, too.


Markdown Modifications 

Telegram X has settings, which let you enable or disable markdown rules, like **bold**, _italic_, ‘code’ as well as [text](url). The option works as a good reminder in cases you’ve completely forgotten you can really modify your text in this manner.


Unlike its counterpart, we observed Telegram X does not come with support for user-created themes. After downloading and clicking on a theme (that is from Telegram Themes, Telegram X will now launch it in a text editor.

The original Telegram app will load it & ask if you would like to apply the theme. We do fancy themes a lot, primarily because you can download/make the theme, which suits your style most. All we’ve now are Telegram themes, and the dark/night themes look drab.

We tried combining the multi-coloured Telegram themes (blue, green, red, and others) with a dark background; however, we discovered it’s not possible to change the chat background. This is not quite good.

We do hope, however, that later app updates will come with support for these user themes.

We have arrived at these conclusions from the little time we spent using Telegram X. The original Telegram app’s a finished mature product, while the newer Telegram X is fanciful. However, taking a closer look, we found a couple of flaws here and there. We find appealing the fact that when you tap on a message, you will the options pop up from the bottom.

Furthermore, we do love the swipe right to forward & the swipe left to reply. Telegram X is both snappy and nice; however, the icons do not sport that rich finish of your original Telegram app. You can decide to stick with both versions as we have done.

Tijani Mustapha
Tijani Mustapha
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