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6 /64 GB Variant of Redmi Note 7 emerges as fans favorite

The founder of Xiaomi and CEO, Lei Jun decided to test the popularity of the latest released Redmi Note 7. He started a survey to know the best memory configuration that the fans will like to be launched in the new Redmi note 7. The information gotten online so far indicates that over 20,000 fans have already replied to the survey that he started on Weibo. The survey is been carried out to know the best memory configuration that the fans will go for among the 5 options of; 3GB + 32GB Storage, 4GB + 64GB Storage, 6GB + 64GB Storage, 4GB + 128GB Storage and 6GB + 128GB Storage.

At the time the phone was launched few days ago, the phone came in three variants; 3GB RAM + 32GB Storage, 4GB RAM + 64GB Storage and 6GB RAM + 64GB Storage. However, the response by the fans so far indicates that a new 4GB RAM + 128GB and 6GB + 128GB variants should be added. With the recent TENAA certification, it seems that the company might be planning to release the 4GB + 128GB variant very soon. However, the response gotten so far by the majority of responders reveals that the 6GB + 128GB storage variant is their favorite option.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

Analysis of the information from the survey so far indicates that 54% prefer the 6GB + 128GB variant with a slightly higher 1599 yuan ($235) price tag. While 23.9% of the respondents went for the 6GB+64GB variant for 1399 yuan ($206) even though it has the same price tag of a 4GB+128GB variant which 12.8% went for.

With the information from the survey so far, it seems that the 3GB+32GB variant might disappear soon as it got the least votes. Xiaomi might likely release the fans favourite (Redmi Note 7 6GB/128GB) variant in the future maybe after the spring festival. If you can remember, the company release the 6GB/128GB variant of the Redmi Note 5 four months after the initial launch.

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