Tuesday, June 25, 2024


You know (and in case you don’t, here is good information for you), that the Camon series by TECNO is targeted at photography lovers who understand that they don’t necessarily have to break the bank before they take ‘awe-tastic’ pictures with their mobile phones.

The first smartphone under the Camon flagship was launched in 2015, and since then, TENCO has pushed the envelope in more ways than we can even begin to count. Seeing as TECNO takes the initiative to preempt your mobile phone needs, believe me when I say Camon 12 Air has it all!

It comes in Ocean Blue or Alpenglow Gold. These colours are so cool and futuristic that I can bet you most likely haven’t even heard about them before. Do you know how to rectify that? Buy a Camon 12 Air for yourself. That way, you get to stare at the colour for as long as you want daily. Great solution, right? You are welcome.

Camon 12 Air image

At 6.55 inches the screen comes in the perfect size with a Dot-in Display. The Camon 12 Air is the very first to have this feature. What makes this feature even more exciting is the Incredible Wallpapers that come with the device. The wallpapers aren’t just beautiful, they are designed to fit the Dot-In Display perfectly. With the wallpapers, your Camon 12 Air can never ever look boring.

Camon 12 Air wallpaper

You can have breathtaking pictures that that will capture every single detail you want it to and make it look outstandingly beautiful.

The Camon 12 Air will dazzle your friends, a perfect phone to show off at events and when you are out with friends. Do not be left behind.

Need I say more? With the Camon 12 Air, TECNO has once again proven that you can have all your mobile phone needs met without stifling life out of your savings… or your pride.

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