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Top 10 Best Bittorrent Client Apps for Android Devices

If you are the types that download heavy files online, this post about the best Bittorrent Client Apps for Android is what you need. The extra need to save and share cloud files are growing increasingly by the day. Hence, the medium through which these files are to be sent to the other party needs to be available. However, this has prompted the creation of the BitTorrent protocol app.

Sometime after its release, the BitTorrent protocol had needed to deal with lots of controversies owing to legibility it attracts to sending copyrighted contents. Apparently, that has been long dealt with. On Android, there are lots of BitTorrent client Apps available. Nonetheless, it is always at the best to separate the rest from the best and that is exactly what we’ve done.

Top 10 BitTorrent Client Apps For Android

  1. BitTorrent

BitTorrent-Best Bittorrent Client Apps for Android

This is the official Android BitTorrent App and of the best Bittorrent Client Apps for Android developed by the people who designed the protocol. It comes packaged with many features, including magnet links support, file storage selection for downloads and WiFi-only transfers to save mobile data.

BitTorrent always includes the latest version of the BitTorrent core, enabling the most current features included in the protocol and improved performance. Moreover, it includes a media player for playing downloaded media directly through the App and download/upload speed limits. BitTorrent is free but there is a paid pro-ad-free version available.

  1. Flud Torrent

Flud Torrent

Flud is using the open source libtorrent as back-end. It offers a beautiful Material design user Interface and ranks high among the Bittorrent Client Apps for Android. Features like WiFi-only transfers, sequential downloading, magnet links, and storage selection for downloads are supported. Furthermore, the user can select which files inside the torrent file to download.

This BitTorrent client also packs support for authorizes for client and tracker connections, battery saving tweaks and download/upload speed limits.

  1. LibreTorrent


This is a free, open source and ad-free BitTorrent client App. It implements magnet links support, configurable download storage, file, and folder download priorities and sequential downloads. It is one of the best  Bittorrent Client Apps for Android you can download right now.

Also, proxy support for client and tracker and download/upload speed limits are available. LibreTorrent provides features nearly on-par with the Flud BitTorrent client since they share the powerful library Libtorrent as their back-end.

  1. Vuze


Coming from the developers of the desktop Vuze(formerly Azure) BitTorrent client, Vuze for Android offers a minimal user Interface, WiFi- only mode, simple torrent Web search and configurable download/upload limits. Vuze Torrent Downloader is a free app. There is also a Pro paid version with some additional power saving features.

  1. Frostwire

Frostwire is also open source. It includes everything offered by the Apps above, plus a built-in media browser/player and special torrent search engine. Also, users can play media files while they are downloaded.

In addition, Frostwire can download media from YouTube and Sound Cloud {these features are not available on the version downloaded from Play Store, but they are available on versions downloaded from the App’s official website,

  1. Fu Torrent

Flud Torrent

Fu torrent is one of the new torrent downloaders for Android devices. It’s also pretty good. The app supports most common protocols and includes various download and uploads speeds, max number of active torrent and other basic stuff. This app option excessively boasts a fruitful torrent search.

  1. Zeta Torrent

Zeta Torrent

Zeta Torrent is one of the most unique torrent downloader apps. It features a web browser that also comes with ad-block, history, favourites, and more.

Thus, it tries to be the place where you browse for torrents and then also download them. The app also supports torrent management, download settings, support for most protocols RSS, and even Wi-Fi file transfer between it and your PC.

  1. Transdrone


Transdrone works a lot like Torrnado. It’s a torrent management app for your device. It lets you manage your seedbox or home server from a remote location. The app can start and stop torrents, add torrents, set priorities, view trackers, and more.

  1. Torr Droid

Torr Droid is one of the newer torrent apps. It possesses some of the necessary basics which include, support for torrent files, magnet links, most protocols, Wi-Fi only downloads, and more. It also features a torrent search. The design is simple and easy to use. The app is also free with advertising.

  1. T- Torrent

 T-torrent is one of the most popular torrent apps. It has a bunch of features and that includes most of the basics. It downloads torrents, lets you change download settings, and supports magnet links and other protocols. The app even has prevention and a web interface with support for Transdrone and Transdroid.

From the above list of the best Bittorrent Client Apps for Android, we can conclusively say that the Bittorrent Client, lived up to what it claims to have done as regarding reducing the workload on the server and network impact of data sharing. It wouldn’t be bad to give any of the above options a trial after all.

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