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Top 3 Emulators to Play PlayStation 1 & 2 Games on Android

Looking for ways to play Sony PlayStation games in 2020? The answer is simple. You can play them literally anywhere and using any device possible. In this case scenario, we have selected an Android platform. To play these games, you will need to download an emulator, load the ROM file and enjoy. These are the best PS1 emulators for Android you can have today.


ClassicBoy is one of the most versatile emulators on our list. First of all, it can run PlayStation 1 and 2 games. However, it can also open and run Sega, NES, NeoGeo, Nintendo 64 and Game Boy (3 different variations) games and it will provide stunning reliability at any given case.

The emulator is developed specifically for Android phones and it is great if you have an old device. The only drawback is the fact the app was last updated in 2014 which makes it more preferable for older devices due to lower resource consumption. Of course, the emulator will run on modern devices without any issues.

The list of features is impressive. You probably know that Play Station emulators come with massive and most powerful features among all emulators. ClassicBoy offers you ordinary abilities such as load and saves the game at any given moment.

More advanced options allow players to adjust their touchscreen interface, to use audio settings and also to include hardware support. The last means you can play the games using a joystick of any kind. There are tons of other features we simply don’t have the space to mention.


EmuBox is a completely free Android emulator and the one that offers a great compatibility rate. It is above 90% meaning you can load almost any game and play it without any issues. As you may assume, this is a multi-purpose app. It allows you to load various games for Sega, Nintendo and obviously Sony Play Station. For all devices, gamers can use standard save and load options, use cheats and also use fast forward more.

The emulator is one of newer on the list. It is specifically designed for newer smartphones and tablets but won’t have any complications in offering you the ability to play these games on older devices. A mode for a controller is supported and it covers almost any device you can think of. The cheat mode can be activated or disables, but you will have to restart the game in order to change the setting. Games that require accelerometer can be used with this emulator.

Various additional settings are available. Be free to explore them and find the ones you really want to use. Last but not least the emulator has a recent run selection. Here all the last 10 games you played will be stored so you can easily open them again and play without browsing the file manager and looking for them again.

psp emulator


ePSXe is a bit, complicated emulator. It is able to emulate any Play Station game you want to play and it will offer you great reliability, even better computability and all the features you need. Sadly, this emulator isn’t available in a free version. It is available as a premium app only and doesn’t offer a demo or free trial version.

A good thing in this is the fact you get an app without any ads or in-game purchases. You get a clean user interface and the ability to play the games in the true light. Sadly, the user interface isn’t newest and it could be updated any time soon.

Features are massive. In the beginning, we can see that the emulator offers you the ability to use cheats, load and save feature and also to use controllers. You get split-screen design meaning on the bottom half of the screen control, virtual of course and at the top is the actual game.

Controls are fully adjustable and each player can customize them accordingly. We also liked a feature known as Open GL enhanced graphics. This means that the emulator uses similar systems to load the game as an actual Play Station console so you get more similar graphics.

The emulator is designed for 1-4 players and it offers a compatibility rate of 99%. What this means is that of 100 tried games to load, 99 of them will load. Impressive. The app runs well on smartphones and tablets and provides you with the most accurate sound you can imagine.

The final word

These emulators are powerful apps that will transform any smartphone or a tablet into a gaming console. Don’t forget that you do need ROMs to play the games and nothing more. You do need an internet connection to download the apps but you do not need it to play the games. Have a great time as a retro gamer.

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