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Top Ways To Free Up Space on Android Devices

If you’re here then you’ve probably been hit with that “your storage space is running out” notification on your android device and you’re looking for ways to free up Space on your device. Before we begin I’ll like to say that most Android device come with a dedicated MicroSD or uses the second SIM slot as a microSD card slot which is a very cheap way to expand the storage further. You can get a MicroSD card and move most of the files you have Installed to the MicroSD card in order to free up space.

However, MicroSD cards are more likely to get corrupted by a virus which is why some prefer to stick with the inbuilt memory. Also, not all Android devices come with a MicroSD card slot so if your Android device doesn’t have a MicroSD card or it does but you don’t want to then we have some solutions for you.

Ways To Free Up Space On Android Devices

There are a lot of Apps on the Google play store for the purpose called “Cleaner Apps” and most of them actually get the job done but why download an extra app on to your already filled up storage while you can simply use Android’s built in storage manager ?

Android smartphones running Android 5.0 Lollipop above come with a storage tool that allows you to free up storage space in the event that it eventually gets filled. Storage are grouped into different categories and you can go through them and delete the irrelevant ones.

To do this, simply go to Settings >> Storage and from here you’ll be able to see different categories and how much data each category has.

Most Android devices are filled up with Apps. This is because Apps have data and increasing cache for using the app. You can clear the app by clicking on the cache and clearing them all at once or Click on Apps, select a particular app and clear its cache.

As for Data, things get a little complicated. Data stored by apps are valuable and when cleared will reset the app and clear everything the app has saved on your smartphone.

For example, if you have a Netflix app and have downloaded a movie for offline viewing then clearing the data of Netflix will delete the movie and also log you out, making the app look new. Same thing happens to other app when you clear its data. However, clearing apps data can free up a lot of space but you have to be careful so as to clear data of app with an important data.

Use a Memory card

If your Android phone comes with a limited amount of storage space, it is advisable you use a memory card. Many Android devices now allow you to store media on Memory card.

You can as well use your memory as internal storage to save you the annoying “your storage space is running out” notification

Alternative: Download Files Go App

You Android is already filled up which is why the inbuilt storage manager is the best option but if you can manage to squeeze in the Files Go on to your phone then you can effectively clear more stuff thus freeing more space. The Files Go app is a free file manager app developed by Google for exactly this kind of problem and is probably the only cleaner app i can recommend. The app shows you things like unused apps (apps you haven’t used in the last 4 weeks), temporary app files, Large files etc and let’s you sort through them and delete the unwanted files easily.

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