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TStv Decoder price, Subscriptions Fees, Packages and Channel Lists

TStv which is one of the new pay-as-you-consume satellite TVs in Nigeria became operational on the 1st of October 2018. It is called TStv-Telcom satellite Television. It was introduced on the day Nigeria is celebrating independence and according to their marketing manager, Tstv is here to revolutionize pay cable TV in Nigeria.

Tstv Will start selling in Nigeria officially starting from the 1st of April, 2018 and you will be able to buy the decoder from their dealers across Nigeria.

TStv is operated by ABS and satellite TV and in this post, I will talk about the Tstv channel list, the TStv decoder price, the TStv launch date, where to buy Tstv in Nigeria, and Tstv subscription fees and packages.

What is Tstv?

Tstv is a pay-as-you-consume cable TV provider in Nigeria. It is a partnership between ABS- which is a European-based television and Telecom Satellite TV. Telcom satellite TV (TSTV) is owned by Bright Echefu and according to him, TSTV will be distributed on ABS-3 Satellite which is located at a prime video neighborhood of 30W with little interference.

TSTV decoder price

TStv will be the first pay-as-you-consume cable TV in Nigeria, meaning you can pause when not in use. You will only be charged for what you use, unlike DSTV and GOtv

So now, I know you will be wondering how much this will cost, the number of channels available i.e Tstv decoder price, the Tstv channel list, where to buy Tstv in Nigeria, and subscription fees and packages.

If you are not in a hurry read along as we talk about the benefits and features of Tstv and Tstv decoder price

Features of TStv

Tstv comes with important features and benefits apart from the over 200 plus channels available on the DHT cable TV. The most heart-warming of them is the fact that you will be able to watch your favourite English Premier League matches, Italian Serial A, Spanish LaLiga, and French League. This means you don’t have to pay a huge amount of money on Dstv anymore before you can watch English premier league matches Live.


Most of us will definitely be happy about this, isn’t it?

Tstv 20Gb of data hotspot

Tstv is not only for watching your favourite stations, but it also comes with Hotspot functionality that enables you to connect through your phone WiFi to its Hotspot. Subscribers can get up to 20GB of data for browsing the Internet.

Video call conferencing and storage for recorded video

The Tstv decoder also enables you to do video call conferencing and you can store some programs you will like to watch later by recording them. It offers up to 50GB of storage space for this purpose.

Let’s talk about the number of channels available on Tstv

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TStv channels List

According to the information we got, there will be over 200+ channels on TStv, comprising of sports channels, kid channels, health channels, movie channels, entertainment channels, fashion channels, Religion channel’s etc

TStv Sport Channels

  • Star Sports
  • Fox Sports
  • Euro Sports News
  • Euro Sports 2
  • Kwese Free Sports
  • Kwese ESPN
  • MS Extreme
  • bein Sports MAX 4HD
  • bein Sports 3HD
  • bein Sports Global
  • bein Sports MAX (bein Sports 1-10)
  • TS Sports 4 HD
  • TS Sports 2
  • TS Sports 3
  • Yolo Sports HD


  • BBC America
  • CNBC
  • CNN
  • Aljazeera
  • BBC Radio 2
  • TVC News
  • United States of America Embassy
  • Sky News
  • Arewa24
  • AIT
  • Core TV News
  • France 24
  • CCTV News
  • Channels TV
  • Bloomberg TV
  • DW
  • Fox News
  • TRT World
  • Press TV
  • NTA
  • Arise News
  • TV360 Nigeria


  • Nickelodeon
  • CN Cartoon Network
  • Disney Channel
  • Boing
  • Jimjam
  • Baby TV
  • Panda Biggs


  • Star Movies
  • MBC action
  • MBC 2
  • African Movie channel series
  • Liberty Tv
  • MBC Bollywood
  • Wazobia TV
  • Wap Tv
  • Viasat TV
  • Fine Living
  • Fox
  • Fox Life
  • Investigation Discovery
  • MBC4
  • Mbox HD
  • PCTV
  • Star Gold TV
  • Nollywood TV
  • Z Cinema
  • E Entertainment
  • Ben Bridging The Gap
  • BET
  • TS Novella
  • TS Movies HD
  • TS Series


  • Dove Television
  • Emmanuel TV
  • Sunna Tv
  • Mountain of Fire And Miracle Ministeries
  • EWTN
  • TBN Network


  • Trace Urban/Africa
  • MTV Base
  • TLC (HD)
  • DSTV Versus TSTV


  • Discovery Channel
  • Nat Geo Gold
  • AD
  • National Geography Channel
  • Discovery Health TV
  • Fashion One
  • AHTV


  • Riwa Ndu TV
  • TS Hausa
  • TS Igbo
  • TS Yoruba

Now that you know all the channel’s list, how much do you think Tstv will cost#10,000?or #12,000? Read along as I talk about the price and packages.

TSTV decoder Price and subscription fee

To acquire the Tstv Decoder and the Satellite dish, you don’t need to break your bank account, because both the decoder and the dish will only cost #5,000, yes #5000. It’s that affordable.

Tstv subscription fees and packages 

Tstv subscription fees are quite affordable, in fact, you can pay as low as #200 to subscribe to a plan. Yes, just #200, it is even cheaper than the Cheapest Gotv subscription fee.

TStv Bouquet PricesData Allocated
TStv Monthly BouquetN3,00010Gb
TStv 2 weeks BouquetN1,5005GB
TStv 10 days BouquetN1,0003GB
TStv weekly BouquetN7502GB
TStv 3 days BouquetN5001GB
TStv Daily BouquetN200500MB

Like I said earlier you will also get some data to browse the internet for free. it is quite massive.

Where to buy Tstv in Nigeria

Tstv will be available in major cities across Nigeria come October 1st and Tstv decoder price is #5,000 only. Major dealers across Nigeria can be found here

Are you excited about the entrance of TStv to rival DSTV and probably give them a run for their money? Let’s know have your thoughts on the features of TStv, will you buy it when it launches on the 1st of October? and what is TStv decoder price in your area?

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  1. I’m Hearing About Tstv Recently. I’m Very Excited. I Pray This GOOD THING Would’nt Just Fizzle Away. One Of The Biggest Challenge We Face In Nigeria Is That Of Maintenance, Either No, Or Poor Maintenance. If Tstv Must Succeed, This Area Must Be Considered. Non Theless I Shout 7 Gbosas 4 Nigerians , Nigeria : Gods’ Own Country. We Are Advancing Geometrically

  2. So far so good has TStv been launched?
    Is it as good as promised or is Dstv still the best option?
    I want to buy the Tstv decorder but yet to hear testimonies from those using it already.
    Pls if anyone has started using it , pls tell us your experience

    • From your channels list I have not seen African magic channels (ie African magic showcase, urban, family and African magic epic) respectively. Does it mean TSTV don’t have those major stations? Please reply

  3. welcome our long expected dream that can contest the extortion of dstv from the ordinary nigerian,i have being searching for one since 1st oct,2017 yet i have never set my eyes in any one and today is 5th,10,2017.please advised on how to get one withing abuja,thanks

  4. I Lincolnworld Concept I will like to be the part of your Installer how can I be the part of them please you can get back to me through my Whatssap no 08061622188 thanks.

  5. Woooow that is good, am really happy for this, bye bye to dstv,but wait ooo, checking the list of the channel I did not see zeeworld ooooo, tstv pls don’t you guys have zeeworld channel? pls I need an ans

  6. They seem not to be serious! I am yet to see or hear their advertisements on any TV or radio station. They have not made the product available since launched October first.

  7. Well done to the management.

    My humble question is, should I exhausted my 20GB and I want to buy new 10GB for monthly subscription, can the 10GB serve me for the whole month in the case of using my decoder 24hrs per day.

    • What if I subscribed for a month and i traveled and stay for two months and was unable to use it even for a week, will the subscription expires or it will be base on my consumption?

  8. I will be interested in being a dealer/retailer for TSTv in Badagry. No dealers yet in this zone from the list for Lagos state. I have a very large shop/warehouse, in a commercial area. Ample storage facilities, well ventilated, a/c and spacious offices to accommodate backup units, such as technical persons, installers, etc. Please, how do I go about being a part of this success story in Badagry? Thank you. Prince Mike Dike.

  9. This is quite interesting and cool…. I’m so excited someone could come up with something like this to favor both the rich and masses. Kudos to the maker. Now my question to the admin is, what grade is the decoder graphics? Will it be like that of Dstv and Gotv or it would be like that of startimes? Cos that startimes graphics is annoying… Please reply before I proceed to buying it

  10. Waoooo!!!!……this is quiet interesting, you mean you guys have come to stay with listed features…….. I can wait to buy it,I beg give me lighter there, make i set my DSTV decoder ablaze

  11. I am happy that at last DSTV can be put on their toes since the extinction of HITV. But my problem is how Nigerians carry news. I heard it’s a pay you watch system of cable TV. I should be able to manage my GB myself, why is it time bound? Let the time be open to my use. If i like, let me spend the 10gb in 3months

  12. am very delighted by this welcome development provided by our brother. please i will like to have this tstv in my home here in owerri where i reside. i will like to get a feedback as soon as posibble

    Its good to encourage local goods..

  13. My DSTV subscription expire on 5th and my MTN data has already expired. I was trying to pay for my MTN online when I saw this write-ups. I will say this is independent gift. I stay in Ogun state around Bell university Ota. How can I get this service immediately. Please I want reply

  14. Hello Admin, please shed more light… it is not very clear if this pay TV runs on data? …and if it does, what happens if you use up your one month data plan in a week, more so what becomes of left overs?
    Kindly shed more light on these…
    Best regards

  15. This is a welcome development in this country. However, issues of monthly shouldn’t come in since it according to your consumption that you pay.It should be so billed or are you saying there is rollover?

  16. And what am concerned about are they going to be showing premiership, la liga and seria A etc cus that only power Dstv has if not they can’t match with Dstv no matter what, cus most Nigerian is a lover of football now

  17. I registered as a dealer like 5 days ago they don’t get back to me and I try to reregister now and is tell me I should not submits multiple registration to avoid disqualifie.

  18. Hello TSTV…what about champions league and Europe league. ..also, when you say pay as you go, will there be a possibility of using a 3000 Naira subscription beyond and before one month. ..depending on usage?

  19. Welcome tstv!!!!! You are more than appreciated , but you will win the entire Nigeria populace if you are so sincere and make it open ended duration tariffm, by this. I mean let the each tariff runs indefinitely base on how individual subscriber can rationalise it …… If I load or better still they make the monthly descriptions lower than that of Dstv lowest tariff I.e N1800 by this u will win even to the remote parts of Nigeria villages, I bet you
    … Make it open ended let each of your tariffs has right for at least a month duration……. May b I should hint you do you know

  20. This is just dstv method modified…. Make it open ended if you are faithful in your claim . . let subscribers rationalise any amount for any duration of their desire …… And then see if you will not cover the whole Nigeria in populace in a week base on massive patronage you will receive …… If I still need to spendN 3000 to watch cable TV in month where their is a chance of spending as low as 1800 to view my Dstv. Tstv pls make it open ended then you will b seen as doing what you claim contrary to your stand thanks

  21. This is too good to imagine. Like others have said,i hope it will not be like HITV that came on board some years ago when we wanted to sit down and enjoy it they removed our sits and vanished.. Finally i hope the price for the decoder will be same all over or will there be variations.

  22. You said its pay as you use, yet you are writing subscription durations. If you say pay as you use, it shouldn’t have expiration date. It should be like the GSM network we are using.

  23. Good Afternoon, i want to know how this works,. Firstly,How strong is the signal?. does the data affect the number of days the subscription is supposed to last, say u subscribed for a month. you are entitled to a 10 gigabyte as said. let’s say you probably use the 10 gig in 5 days…will it affect the number of days the subscription is supposed to last. secondly can you educate me on how the video call works with the tstv…Does it have a camara on the decoder where the recipient sees you or were you referring to our normal phone video call. will also like to distribute too…

  24. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! a hilarious moment for us as Nigerians to be liberated from monster multinational who have come to our father land to exploit us of our own cash just for viewership. Imagine paying close to N15,000 per month to have full access, when such money can be sown/affect a lot of lives. Am very delighted, excited and overwhelmed with this great news coming to us on Independence Day. Their styles of packages and services is such that is obtainable in the western world. Pray TSTV should be sustainable over time, to enable this monster DSTV to crib out of our country. Kudos to the initiator and we pray for great and strong network signal wherever they find themselves in this country. Atleast satelite Tv can be made available for everyone regardless class or statue. Wish them all the best and all prospective viewers including me the best of viewership.

  25. Sincerely please assure us that this is not a hoax… The pay as you use aspect is most welcome… We all experience d periniel light issues in Nigeria, so it is really unfair to subscribers at the end of your subscription term regardless of whether you watched or not… Please we hope this has come to stay. Thanks for saving us from shylock foreign companies

  26. October 1? Wow !!!! This will surely be independence from DSTV. Oh am so Happy. But wait oh! I hope the Nigerian factor will apply to this? I mean like some raising our hope like HiTV and disappearing when it matters most and leaving us with the monsters Called DSTV. I will be happy to lead the band wagon here to submit my Two decoders to DSTV and wish them well in further exploitation of other Countries. Hahahahaha, this will be bye bye to DSTV jare! Two dayz to go and I can’t wait!!!!!!!!

  27. Good Evening, my name is Emmanuel Abima,
    I am frm Cross River State, today is the First time I’m
    hearing about TSTV, which so beautiful, pls I want to work for this company no Matter what it takes, over here in Calabar, and when it come to talking to people on air, and your advat jobs,
    just live that to me, Cause that is what I do best, this is my 0803 578 4449,
    I’m so believing God in hearing frm you guys,
    Believe me or not, I can make it happen for you guys over here,,
    But I hope you guys has come to stay,
    Not just for 1 year…

  28. I like TSTV packages so because the cable has come to stay and will ease subscribers the pain caused by DSTV. I thank the initiators a lot. However, I will like to know how to purchase it in Onitsha.

  29. DStv have being defrauding us in Nigeria for too long.
    You pay for subscription and travel for one whole month, or no light to watch, they will cut you off in the name of “we cannot do pay as you watch in your area”.
    That was how MTN also dealt with us in Nigeria in the name of “we cannot do pay as you go” until Glo came on board.
    Now DStv is in for a bigggg shit!
    I can wait to have TStv on board.