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Unbreakable OLED Panel announced by Samsung

Tech giant Samsung has introduced an unbreakable and flexible plastic-like OLED panel. According to a video released by the Display department of the company, the components of the Unbreakable OLED Panel was designed for smartphones and certified by UL. UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is the company that works for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of the US Department of Labor.

The Unbreakable OLED panel passed all real-time durability test which was considered military standards set by the US Department of Defense. Samsung Display’s General Manager, Hojung Kim, also stressed that the fortified plastic window is more than suitable for smartphones. It’s lightweight, transmissivity and hard, just like glass, but it’s not glass and won’t shatter.

unbreakable oled panel

The new OLED panel will be used for mobile military devices, automobile consoles, smartphones, portable game consoles and tablet PCs for learning. UL also did several testing on the panel, it was dropped 26 times from 1.2 meters. Then there was a high and low-temperature test (between 71 degrees and -32 degrees Celsius).

After all the tests, the panel still worked fine, there were no damages whatsoever. Its sides, edges and front still looked the same. Even when dropped from 1.8 meters, there was no sign of damage whatsoever on the panel and that was more than what was required from the US military licensing companies. We can’t wait to see these on devices.

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