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Virus Removal For Android – How To Remove A Virus From Android

Is no news that Android devices, like every other devices, are prone to viruses. These viruses come in a different format and different viruses have different things they do to your Android smartphone. Some viruses ship off your personal information stored on your Android device to God knows where immediately you connect to the internet while some keeping popping up ads on your screen or directing you to one shady website or another. Different viruses have been programmed for different reasons and when they get on your phone, you’ll most likely notice as your device would start behaving abnormally.

Now, while getting rid of these viruses are pretty easy, you should try as much as possible not to let them get into your device in the first place. This is why we have compiled this tutorial on virus removal for Android and also how to prevent it from happening again.

Virus Removal For Android -How To Avoid Viruses On Android

1. Don’t Install apps from third-party websites or stores: This goes without saying that the only store that actually cares about the security of your Android is the Google Play Store. There might be other websites or stores out there that might appear trustworthy but if you want to eliminate any chance if your android getting infected again, Download all your apps and games from only the Google Play Store. Google Play store also has Google Play Protect that periodically scans your apps for any malware and notifies when it detects something abnormal.

2. Check App Permission When Installing: Some apps will request for admin privileges when installing them which means you can’t uninstall them after installing. On the install page, you’ll be shown a list of permissions the app is requesting and can tick or untick the ones you don’t feel comfortable with. Like a dialer app requesting access to your storage. If you didn’t get to this during the installation, you can still go to Settings, Search for “Permissions”, Click on it and Edit the permissions for each app you have Installed.

3. Keep Your Android Operating System Up To Date: When your phone maker rolls out an update, you definitely need to update as most, if not all the times, these updates come with security patches which means some possible loopholes in your operating system have been fixed and made a lot better. Staying on an older update when there is a new update opens your phone to risks of being invaded by virus.

4. Install An Anti-Virus: Typically, you don’t need an anti-virus on your android device as it is pretty secure, that is as long as you try to download cloned apps or Download apps from third-party websites. However, getting an anti-virus installed gives you peace of mind and can also be used to uninstall existing viruses on your Android device. Antivirus apps like Avast or Bitdefender are good but there are also others out there that’ll get the job done.


That’s pretty much how to keep your Android device virus free and also remove any virus that has already managed to get in. If after using an anti-virus to scan your device and the virus still doesn’t get detected and remove, simply let us know through the comment section down below so we can help about Virus Removal For Android

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