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What does AI Camera mean in a Smartphone

What does AI camera mean in a smartphone? This is a question I am sure most smartphone users have asked themselves at one time or another. Over the last few years, we have seen virtually all OEM companies using the term “AI camera”. For the curious minds out there, we’ll be satisfying your curiosity today by taking an in-depth look at what an AI camera means in a smartphone.

For starters, AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. Technology is growing at a rapid rate, even one could argue its growth rate is higher than that of the human brain (also referred to as natural intelligence). AI is basically an intelligence displayed by machines/computers. Any machine or computer that perceives its surrounding or environment and takes action towards achieving a goal on its own is referred to an AI.

What is AI Camera?

In layman terms, Artificial intelligence camera is basically a camera that is capable of reacting to its environment without the help of the human mind. The camera software exhibits cognitive functions such as learning, thinking, problem-solving which are normally associated with human minds.

The AI camera thinks and learns about how to take quality photos and stuff. They are programmed by the human mind to adjust the camera settings automatically or as they see towards achieving a goal which is capturing quality and detailed photos/images.

Most of the AI camera features are automatic such as auto scene detection, AI image processing, auto-focus e.t.c. Most smartphone owners don’t know what each feature actually does in an AI camera or what happens behind the scene.

How does AI camera work?

Ai_camera on smartphone

By now the question “what does AI camera means in a smartphone?” shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Now we look at how the AI camera works in your smartphone.

Like I’ve said earlier the AI camera software has been programmed to work automatically. When taking pictures, it quickly identifies scenes, presence of light and even the angle coverage of the scene. All of these is done within milliseconds. The data is quickly processed by the AI camera and it knows if there are any human, animal, flower, food e.t.c in the scene.

With the data, the AI camera is capable of choosing the best exposure, colour and brightness adjustment, beauty mode e.t.c to make the photos/images come out great.

An AI camera uses algorithms to perform digital image processing to improve image quality to the maximum. The beauty mode, for example, removes blemishes and smoothes the skin of the human in the scene. This is basically what most Instagram models use to make their picture look great and spotless, thereby making their fans drool over them.

In today’s computer technology world, image/photo can be manipulated easily. This is all because of how advanced the camera system has become. Smartphone cameras especially the high-end devices like iPhone 11 series, Samsung Galaxy S20 series, Huawei P40 e.t.c can now rival that of DSLR cameras thanks to artificial intelligence. AI cameras are well trained with millions of images in the laboratory before incorporated into a smartphone. And at this rate, it is bound to get even much better.

Are you using any smartphone with an AI camera system? What has been your experience so fara.

Let us know what you think about the AI cameras in the comment section below. Where do you see smartphone cameras in the next few years? Are they big threat to DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras?

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