Monday, June 24, 2024
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WhatsApp Channel Introduced for Creators and Brands

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature called Channels that mimics Telegrams. It shows updates from Organizations, Creators, and Brands. Meta announced the new feature and made it available in over 150 countries, with thousands of organizations and influencers joining and participating instantly.

It is separate from chats and can be followed by users. The feature was initially introduced in June when channels were available in Columbia and Singapore. Some admins are in charge of the channel and can edit posts. Users can also find new channels to join using the search bar. You can filter by metrics like popularities, most active, and new.

WhatsApp also prioritized privacy with Channels because users won’t be able to see each other phone number. Even admins of channels won’t have access to the contact information on channels. Users can’t comment on the channel. They can only react using emojis.

Not everyone can create a WhatsApp channel right now, but we will cover that the moment we find out how to create a channel on WhatsApp. The feature is also going to help business owners who are trying to sell their products as well.

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