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WhatsApp Premium Benefits and Features

WhatsApp Business, which was launched in 2018 and is designed specifically for small businesses, is getting a subscription plan called Whatsapp Premium, which includes some interesting features. We’ll go over everything you need to know about the WhatsApp Premium subscription plan in this article.

What is WhatsApp Premium?

WhatsApp Premium is a new business subscription service from WhatsApp. Business accounts will have additional features like vanity URLs and more linked devices with WhatsApp Premium.

WhatsApp Premium Features

Additional features will be available to WhatsApp Premium users. There isn’t much exclusive information available right now, but there is some:

  • You can connect up to ten devices to the same WhatsApp Business account, and you can change the names of each one to make it easier to distinguish them.
  • WhatsApp Premium users will be able to create customized links for their businesses. Phonecorridor, for example, could have an official WhatsApp account with a unique URL such as

When will WhatsApp Premium become available?

WhatsApp Premium is still in development and has not been formally announced. As a result, it’s possible that it will take a few weeks or months to implement.

However, given the speed with which Meta releases new WhatsApp features, a surprise release is possible. Whatsapp Premium will most likely debut on Android and iOS before being made available on computers via WhatsApp Web.

What is the cost of WhatsApp Premium?

In terms of pricing, we have no idea how much a WhatsApp Premium version will cost. We’ll have to wait for the company to disclose the subscription service’s pricing information.

Stay tuned for updates as we update this article once WhatsApp officially announces the subscription pricing.

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