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WhatsApp Status feature Stories Vs Snapchat Stories-Which is your favorite

For a while now, the internet has been buzzing about the new WhatsApp status feature which is similar to Snapchat Stories. Although the two applications seem very similar, they are different on so many levels.

Through words of mouth, we have gathered that people are really into the WhatsApp status feature, just as much as they are totally into the Snapchat feature.WhatsApp status feature

Unlike Snapchat, the WhatsApp status feature is a very different ball game.

Similarities between WhatsApp status feature and Snapchat Stories

  1. They are both video channels
  2. They are obviously both online applications
  3. They both last 24 hours, after which viewers are not able to view the contents anymore.
  4. A friends video cannot be saved from both applications
  5. You can have as many videos as you want on your WhatsApp status, just like Snapchat.
  6. Lastly, videos can be replied immediately to users on both platforms.

Differences between WhatsApp status feature and Snapchat

  1. The major difference is the use of Usernames and WhatsApp number. Unlike Snapchat where you get to follow people (celebrities) and watch their snaps without necessarily knowing them personally, WhatsApp is different. You can only view people’s status once they are on your contact list. This means that the number of people who can view ones WhatsApp statuses are more limited than Snapchat stories, especially since you cannot give every Tom Dick and Harry your mobile number.
  2. Another difference is that you cannot send private stories to people, except you want to intentionally send a video, unlike Snapchat where you can send private snaps to people.
  3. WhatsApp status check and uploading do not consume as much internet data as Snapchat would.
  4. Another almost major difference is that WhatsApp status can be recorded for at most 45 seconds, while Snapchat can only be recorded for only 5 seconds. Many of us would wish it was more than 5 seconds actually.
  5. WhatsApp videos automatically get saved into your gallery, while you have to permit Snapchat to automatically get saved into your phone gallery.
  6. WhatsApp status is far more user-friendly than Snapchat. A new Snapchat user will literally have to rack his way around using the application.
  7. Snapchat notifies a screenshot of your story, but WhatsApp status does not.
  8. Lastly and most importantly, they are both owned by two different great people.

WhatsApp status is obviously more recent than Snapchat, so, we can only hope that they continue to improve on the application.

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