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Windows Phones Are Dead Says Microsoft’s Belfiore

Confirms That Windows Phones Are Dead

Windows Phones Are Dead

Microsoft executive Joe Belfiore is the face of Windows Phone. Well while they were still functioning, he made essential contributions to the development of the platform. He also had a hand in the creation of the Metro UI, Live Tiles and Cortana.

That was the reason he created an uproar by making use of an Apple iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy S7. He used them as his own personal phones during a 9-month leave of absence from Microsoft. Belfiore used the time to focus on himself and travel around the world.

But why use an iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy S7 if the rumours about Windows phone being dead isn’t true? Although the Microsoft executive denied using an iPhone and insisted that his Samsung Galaxy S8 was loaded with Microsoft software.

In a series of tweets that Belfiore published yesterday, he blamed the app gap as the reason for ‘switching’.

Confirming that Windows Phone is dead, he stated that Microsoft paid developers money to develop popular apps for the platform. Those apps were however never released because the number of users was very low.

We all know Belfiore is the one wielding the hammer that will hit the last nails into the Windows coffin. We are not sure if Windows will come back from this. Although, Belfiore noted that Microsoft will continue to support all mobile platforms. But fans should also know that Windows 10 Mobile is no longer the software giant’s priority when it comes to smartphones.

There’s no official statement regarding this, but it looks like the software giant will move on to other projects. Which unfortunately doesn’t have anything to do with the Windows 10 Mobile.

Going with the number of users on their mobile apps being too low, you can share your experience in the comment section, if you have ever used a Windows Phone.

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