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Xiaomi Mi Sports Sneakers 2 launched with a $31 Price Tag

The Xiaomi Mi Sports Sneakers 2 is now official, this is the successor to last year Mi Sports Sneakers. The tech giant unveiled its first Mi branded Sports Sneakers around April last year. The sneakers was quite a trend on shopping stores thanks to its stylish design and affordable price. Due to its success, Xiaomi has released the sequel to the sneakers, welcome the Mi Sports Sneakers 2.

The sneakers are also as affordable as its predecessor with an improved overall look and sleek body. The design has obviously been improved no doubt, Xiaomi claims the sneakers were manufactured through a Uni-Moulding process. This means lots of materials were moulded into one here and it sports five different layers as well. These layers are separated with a thin polyurethane film that has been pressed and bonded.

This makes the sole stick together in the most recent and modern way, it’s also cleaner compared to ordinary manual glue application. There won’t be any opening up at all, compared to other sneakers. It also makes you feel comfortable and secure on your feet. Apart from that, the mid-sole was crafted with INFUSE material by the popular company Dow Chemical (DuPont). This material makes it more comfortable to run with, you won’t feel any pain whatsoever.

Xiaomi Mi Sports Sneakers 2 Xiaomi Mi Sports Sneakers- 2

Moving from the sole a bit, the upper part was designed with a three-dimensional seamless high-elastic knitting process. This allows you to wash it using the washing machine and no worries of it getting damaged in there, because of its durability. It also houses an intelligent chip from Xiaomi and available in five different colours. The White and Orange colour option is available in size 36 to 39, while the Black, Floral Blue, White and Dark Grey are available in size 39 to 46.

The Xiaomi Mi Sports Sneakers 2 is very affordable and will retail at $31, although it’s still on reservation on it should go on sale officially on June 11 at 10:00 AM in China according to Xiaomi. It will be available in Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi Youpin, Xiaomi’s flagship store on Tmall and Jingdong (

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