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Zenith Bank Mobile App: Internet Banking, Account Opening, Customer Care and How to Use

Here in this article, I will be taking a look at the Zenith Bank Mobile App and how to use it to open an account and do internet banking. Founded in May 1990, Zenith Bank Plc. commenced operations as a commercial bank in about 2 months after its establishment. On June 17, 2004, it became a public limited company and got listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange) on October 21, 2004, in the wake of a hugely successful Initial Public Offering (IPO). Zenith Bank, which is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, has more than 500 branches in major commercial centres in all states across the federation. This secures its status as one of the most widely used financial institutions in this country.

Zenith Bank Mobile App

To improve the banking experience of its account holders (customers), the bank launched a mobile banking application as part of its mobile banking campaign. Mobile banking is a technology-driven banking system allowing customers of a financial institution to carry out financial transactions with the aid of USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) code or mobile app (on Android or iOS).

Using Zenith Bank Mobile app, you can transfer money, check your 10-digit account number (NUBAN), load airtime, and complete many other activities. We will discuss these and share other related information in this article.

Features and Benefits of Zenith Bank Mobile App  

Zenith Bank calls its mobile app “a dual functionality app” since it serves as a mobile banking app as well as an mWallet app (eaZymoney). With the mobile banking app, you can conveniently transform your smartphone or tablet into a reliable banking tool.

This app, unlike the mobile USSD code option of this bank, requires an internet connection to work. This implies that you need a phone that runs Android or iOS to make use of the app.

It’s easier to use, more secure, and faster than the USSD code platform.

These are the features and capabilities of Zenith Bank mobile app:

  • Check Balance
  • Recharge Airtime
  • Transfer Funds
  • Bills Payment
  • Get Statement of Account
  • Manage Your Cheques (Request, Confirm, Stop)
  • Book Hotel
  • Manage Your Debit Cards (Activate, De-Activate)
  • Manage Beneficiaries (Add & Remove)
  • Open Account
  • Flight Ticket Payment
  • Retrieve Login Details
  • Mobile Banking & Mobile Wallet
  • Transaction History
  • Locate Nearest ATM and Branch
  • Customer Care
  • And others

Other than these benefits, generally, mobile banking has helped ease the stress bank customers experience while performing a number of basic banking transactions.

Where Can You Download Zenith Bank Mobile App?

Enjoy seamless banking transactions with Zenith Bank mobile app

You can download this app on Google Play if you are an Android user. iOS users can get the app on App Store. It is 100% free on both platforms.

Registering or Activating Zenith Bank Mobile App

Having downloaded the app, the next thing is to activate or register it. Do this in a series of steps outlined below:

  • Open your Zenith Bank app
  • At the mid-right side, hit “Register New Device”
  • Enter your 10-digit account number
  • Choose if you would like to operate as an internet banking user or non-internet banking one
  • Check the Terms and Conditions and press the “I Agree” option
  • For non-internet banking users, you will get OTP (one-time password) on your alertz phone number. Input the OTP into the required space
  • Create and then confirm your 6-digit password
  • Create and also confirm your 4-digit mobile authentication PIN to complete every transaction
  • If you use the Internet banking option, you will be asked to state your 4-digit Internet banking PIN as well as 6-digit Token.
  • Hit “Continue” to complete your app registration
  • You’ll now be re-directed to the (initial) login page
  • Lastly, you can log in with your account number & password

You would need to register your mobile device to get started. Once you complete this registration, this will lock your account with Zenith Bank to that smartphone and will make it impossible to log in on a different phone. This measure is necessary to prevent unauthorized access to your bank account.

You can choose to register as an internet banking user or non-internet banking user. If you opt for the former, you require authentication PIN & Token to carry out all transactions. But if you go for the former, you only need your authentication PIN.

Furthermore, for internet banking users, the daily transfer limit when you send funds to another Zenith Bank account stands at ₦3,000,000 and at 1,000,000 when you send money to another Nigerian bank account. If you are a non-internet banking user, you have a daily limit of ₦100,000.

Having activated and registered your Zenith Bank mobile app, you can start enjoying its benefits and perks highlighted above.

Press “Account Balance” to check your previous transaction history. To access more banking options, tap on the menu button which sits at the top left corner of the application.

The mWallet (eaZymoney) Option

Additionally, by tapping the icon on the bottom left of your login screen, you can switch to eaZymoney. It is a mobile money platform of Zenith Bank that lets customers make deposits, transfer funds, make withdrawals, pay bills, top-up airtime, and make purchases from their mobile wallet with the aid of their smartphones.

How the Tool Works

A virtual account (mobile wallet), just like a bank account, is made for you, the subscriber, and the mobile number will your account number. You can pay for goods and services, make cash withdrawals and deposit funds from this mobile number via a Bank branch or an AGENT.

Some features of this tool include

  • Cash-in (Load mobile wallet or deposit funds into your account) via an eaZymoney Agent or at any Bank branch
  • Transfer money from your bank account to m-wallet.
  • Transfer money from one m-wallet to the other
  • Transfer money from one bank account to another bank account within Zenith, with only your account number
  • Transfer to unregistered subscribers
  • Transfer from mobile wallet to a bank account
  • Cash-out by withdrawing money from your m-wallet via any easy money Agent or at any Bank branch
  • Top-up airtime
  • Check balance & statement summary
  • Pay utility bills

That’s all about Zenith Bank mobile app. The software is available 24/7, all year round, to help you complete banking activities conveniently on your internet-enabled smartphone.

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