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Will You Buy an 18-Karat Gold iPhone Xs for £100,000?

Apple will be launching the next generation iPhones next month, but we don’t know what they will be called or any of its specs. Although there have been some leaks we have to take all those rumours with a pinch of salt. However, a “Billionaire Solid Gold Edition” iPhone Xs is now available for Pre-order from gold-plating experts at Goldgenie.

This expensive looking iPhone X will set you back a whopping £100,000. But there’s a catch though, you only have to pay just 50% to pre-order it and then pay the order £50,000 when it’s out. This premium looking iPhone Xs will have the same internal features as the £1,000 iPhone X but comes with 256GB storage space.

The body of the smartphone has been modified with real 18k gold plating, there’s also a “Billionaire” logo underneath the Application logo at the rear. This signifies the iPhone Xs is only for the rich, don’t get me started with the “18K” at the bottom corner. It will also ship in a luxury brown box with a cherry oak finish.

Apart from the premium beauty, you’ll also get a 5-year membership to Goldgenie’s VIP Concierge service and a lifetime warranty. Goldgenie also stressed that the “iPhone Xs” is its most luxurious device to date. Well, since there are over 2,000 billionaires in the world, the company will be expecting a few pre-orders soon. So, will you buy the iPhone Xs for £100,000?

Joseph Young
Joseph Young
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