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5 Best iOS Launchers for Android

Android is open source and is known for the ability to be able to customise almost if not all of its look. iOS, on the other hand, is locked and customisation is kinda limited.

This is perhaps one of the many reasons people opt for Android instead of iOS. However, some android users will still like to get a taste of iOS while still being on the Android platform which is where launchers come in.

What are Launchers?

A Launcher is a name which is given to the part of the Android User Interface, also known as the homescreen, which enables users to customise their home screen the way they want. Launchers are primarily responsible for launching or opening apps, accessing the notification panel and also arranging your apps in an app drawer.

In some cases, some Launchers can go as far as changing the look of your notification panel. Each and every android smartphone comes with a Launcher and you can change that by downloading a different launcher from the Google play store which is what we will be doing here.

5 Best iOS Launchers for Android

Here are the best iOS Launcher for Android you can download right and change the look of your android smartphone to get a taste of iOS.

1. iPhone X Launcher

iPhone X Launcher

Phone X Launcher is certainly one of the best iOS Launchers for Android which lets you turn your Android User interface into an iPhone X User interface. The Launcher is very simple, light and fast.

Asides from putting the iOS 12 skin on your Android device and adding the ability to swipe up to access the control centre (Notification Panel), it also brings some really cool iOS features which include smart search, iOS search, beautiful iOS wallpapers and iOS lock screen with a passcode. The launcher also features a simple and clean design which consumes less battery and memory (RAM).

2. One Launcher

one launcher-best iphone launchers

One Launcher is one Launcher you can’t just help but love if you value simplicity. One Launcher is an easy-to-use, no-frills iOS Launcher for Android. One Launcher is a highly optimised launcher with a clean, clutter-free and polished User Interface. It is clean, simple, lightweight and customisable with lots of theme options.

It also has smart widgets, effects, flexible theme options and a whole lot. Also, it doesn’t eat up your memory or weighs down your CPU. The Launcher has over 1M+ downloads on the Google play store with an impressive rating of 4.3 and is just 5MB in size. It is definitely a launcher worth checking out if you want your UI to look like iOS.

3. xOS Launcher

xOS iPhone Launcher

xOS Launcher is another Launcher that is worth checking out if you want to get a taste of iOS on your Android device. The Launcher is easy to use, light, smooth and beautiful. It is also lightweight and doesn’t eat up your RAM or use up your CPU Cycle.

The best part of this xOS Launcher is the fact that it comes pre-loaded with other themes from big smartphone brands Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Huawei, LG, Samsung and more so if don’t wanna use apple’s iOS, you can simply switch to another. Others are also being added with updates as time goes by.

4. iLauncher

Best iPhone Launchers for Android

iLauncher OS 12 brings the iOS 12 Experience to your android phone. This Launcher has over 10,000 2D/3D iOS themes with Icon packs which you can use to customise your home screen. It also has some nice live wallpapers, animation effects, transition effects and widgets. You can also customise your home screen the way you want by re-arranging apps and applying wallpapers from the list of endless wallpapers and themes available. However, this Launcher shows a little bit ads which I guess is okay for the features it has.

5. X Launcher

X Launcher

There is pretty much nothing to say here. The X Launcher is pretty new but it is okay. It has the iOS 11 style theme like it says and also comes an iOS control centre. Asides from that, it also features various wallpapers, themes and Icon sets.

The Launcher also has rounded corners folders and a weather and time widget. Other features include screen animation effects, ability to hides apps, customisable icons and a lot more. As I said, The launcher is pretty but it’s okay and definitely worth the try.

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