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Apple Working on a $99 AirPods

The Apple Airpods are mostly expensive at launch and can cost anywhere near $100 to $250. Apple has been successful with its Airpods lineup. And reports suggest they are working on a new Airpod that will cost $99. The Airpods are the number one best-selling true wireless earbuds in the world Apple is coming for the budget segment. There are also some reports that the iPhone 16 will come with an under-display camera.

It is expected that in early 2024 we will see a new cheaper model of the Airpod from Apple. According to Ming Chi-Kou, a famous apple analyst, the company is working on cheaper standard Airpods. He also added that the company is working on launching the second-generation Airpods Max.

There are claims that there will be a mass shipment of the new products and we could see them in early 2024 or 2025. The cheapest AirPods you can buy right now in the market are the second-generation AirPods priced at $129. You can pick up the third-generation model which costs around $169. Apple having an Airpod that will cost $99 will bring in a lot of new users. Most traditional earbuds competing with Apple for market share have a number of cheap options.

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The $99 Apple AirPods More Details

Details regarding what features the upcoming cheap Airpod will come with remains unclear. However, we will cover all the events as they unfold so be sure to check around. How will it separate itself from the second-generation AirPod that sells for $99 sometimes? We will keep you informed about everything here on Phonecorridor.

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