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A Quick Overview of the Tecno Eagle Eye Lens

Tecno is trying to take over the Global stage, and some people only know about the brand recently. They launched the Tecno Phantom X2 Pro, the first phone in the world to come with a retractable portrait lens.

And they plan on launching their first foldable phone before the end of the month. The brand is well known in Asia and Africa and seems to be pushing boundaries when it comes to smartphone technology.

They announced they will work on the first-ever Dual-Prism Periscope Tele Camera in November 2022. We decided to take a look at how it works.

The new smartphone camera technology aims to make subject tracking easier using the telephoto lens. Tecno is calling it the “Eagle Eye Lens,” They believe it will be a groundbreaking technology on smartphones when it’s ready.

In an Interview with ThePhoblograher, Jimmy Hsu, the Deputy Director of Tecno Mobile R&D Center, stated that the Eagle Eye Lens is a new smartphone camera tech they believe is next level.

He said the new lens can record events using a wide-angle lens at the same time while taking close-up shots of the objects you care most about. It will let art and records come together without the need to choose between any moment and picture.

He said, “seeing far away like an eagle keeping a close eye on its prey.” That is the meaning of the Eagle Eye Lens.

The implementation is a 120mm telephoto lens equipped with two prisms with a mutually perpendicular rotation direction to use the prisms’ total reflection principle to achieve viewing angle rotation.

Asides from the tracking function, the rotation of two prisms can also be used for large-angle (+/-6°) stabilization with the smartphone gyroscope. Tecno’s Eagle Eye Lens is the first to achieve real physical tracking and the largest angle (+/-6°) in OIS, providing users with impeccable images without defects or digital chopping.

Other Benefits of the Eagle Eye Lens by Tecno

During the interview, he stressed how it will improve other aspects of using a telephoto lens on the phone, like stability. Image stabilization is a vital priority of the eagle eye lens, and will achieve anti-shake while shooting.

It will also benefit those who like to take fast-paced photos instantly. There is a tripod holding the camera and some AI in the software to bring out the best in situations like that.

We are not sure when the new technology will be available commercially on smartphones, but we know it’s coming soon.


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