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Airtel Data Plans 2024, prices and Subscription Code

Formerly known as Zain, Airtel is among the largest mobile networks in Nigeria, and like its rivals, MTN and Etisalat, it also offers competitive data plans. You can use the data on your smartphone, be it Android, iPhone, or Blackberry.

There are also data bundles provided by the telco, ideal for browsing and downloading on your laptop, desktop, Smart TV, and tablet.

If you’re resident in an area that has strong Airtel internet coverage, you would need tips on the best Airtel data plan to enjoy fast and cheap Internet services.

In this write-up, we will be discussing all Airtel data plans this year, including their subscription codes, and pre-paid plans.

All Airtel Nigeria Data Plans

Free Surf Plan

This offers you a lower browsing rate on a pay-as-you-go basis and can also provide you with up to 160 MB for free when you make use of up to 160MB. The charges rate on Free Surf starts at 1Kobo/Kb.

To subscribe to the plan, simply dial*400#.

Airtel Daily Data Plans

Airtel daily data plans include the following: 20MB which costs ₦50 (subscription code, *141*50#), 75MB goes for ₦100 (subscription code, **141*100#), 200MB which costs ₦200 (subscription code, *141*200#), 300MB that costs ₦300 (subscription code, *141*300#) and 750MB priced at ₦500 (subscription code, *141*500#).

Let’s explain each of these plans better:

  • 20MB Plan (for 50): It’s a validity period of 24 hours (1 day), and to subscribe, dial the code, *141*50#. If you are a first-time subscriber, Airtel compensates you in a way. We will talk more about the Airtel triple surf offer, shortly.
  • 75MB Plan (for 100): The 75MB plan also comes with a validity period of 24 hours and is perfect for you if you don’t need heavy usage of data or just need some data at a lower cost. Dial *141*100# to subscribe to this plan.
  • 5-STAR Pack (for 100): This offers you very little data but has a longer validity period. It gives you 5MB daily over a period of 5 days. The 5-STAR pack is obviously not the best plan for smartphone users since such mobile devices use a lot of data. It is ideal for phones running Java or Symbian OS. To subscribe to this plan, dial *401#.

Airtel Weekly Plans 

These plans have a validity period, of less than 30 days. They are explained better below:

  • Weekly (300MB for 300): This offers you 300MB of Internet data, and it expires in 7 days. It can be used on any device and goes for ₦300. To subscribe to the Airtel Weekly plan, dial *417#.
  • Easy Plan (750MB for 500): It gives you 750 MB that will expire after 14 days of usage. Its cost is ₦500, and it works on any device. To subscribe, dial *141*500#.
  • The 2G Pack: This offers you unlimited Internet data service over a 2G network and its subscription costs ₦200 or ₦500. The Unlimited 200 plan goes for ₦200 and has a validity period of 10 days.

While the amount of data is unlimited, the rule of fair usage still applies. Dial *482*1# to subscribe to this plan. The Unlimited 500 plan costs ₦500 for 25 days. Its subscription code is *482*2#.

Airtel Android Bundle

This package offers you 1.5GB of data for ₦1000, 3.5GB for ₦2000, 5GB for ₦2500, 7GB for ₦3500, and 9GB for ₦4000. These Android data bundles are usable with modems, MiFi, Android, and iOS as well as other internet-enabled devices. Let’s explain these offerings better below:

  • The cost of the 1GB Airtel Android bundle is ₦1000 and is valid for 30 days. To subscribe to the plan, dial *496#.
  • The 3.5GB offer goes for₦2000 and has a validity period of 30 days as well. Its subscription code is*437#.
  • The 5GB option sets you back ₦2500 for 30 days. Subscription code: *437*1#.
  • The 7GB Android bundle is priced at ₦3500, valid for 30 days. Dial *438# to subscribe to the plan.
  • The 9GB offer goes for ₦4000 and also expires after 30 days of use. Dial *438*1# to subscribe.

To check your Airtel Android Data Bundle on any of the options above, simply dial *223# or *140#.  

Airtel Opera Mini Data Plan

With this data plan, you can stay connected to your favourite social media apps, like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Wechat, Opera, and others. The Airtel Opera Mini Data plan gives you 250MB of data for ₦300 only, which is valid for 25 days. Dial *885*1#to subscribe.

You will find this plan quite useful if you love chatting and socializing with friends and family all day long, and most especially if your default phone browser is Opera mini.

It is pertinent to note that not all the internet-dependent apps on your mobile will work when you use this plan. 

Airtel Unlimted Packs

Though you might be thinking that this plan offers you unlimited data, it is only unlimited by name. The daily plan offers 40MB for 24 hours and costs₦100. It works on all devices, and the subscription code is *440*18#.

Airtel Monthly Plans

These plans are outlined below:

  • 10GB for 5000: With this data plan, you get 10GB of Internet data for ₦5000, valid for 30 days. It can be used on all devices, and the subscription for this plan is *452#.
  • 16GB for 8000: This gives you 16GB for ₦8000 and has a validity period of 30 days (1 month). It also works perfectly on all your devices, including your smartphone (Android/iOS), laptop, tab, and others. Dial *460# to subscribe to the data plan.
  • 22GB for ₦10,000: With the MEGA 10 plan, you will receive 22GB of data for ₦10,000 with a validity period of 30 days. Simply dial *462# to activate your subscription to this plan.
  • 30GB for ₦15,000: This Airtel data plan gives you 30GB for a sum of ₦5,000. It is valid for a period of 60 days is ideal for use on any device. The subscription for this plan is activated by dialing *463#.
  • 50 GB for 36,000: The Mega 36 plan offers you Internet data of 50GB, valid for 180 days (6 months). It goes for ₦36,000. Dial *406# to subscribe to it.
  • 100GB for 70,000: With the MEGA 70 plan, you will receive 100GB for ₦70,000, which is valid for a period of 1 year (365 days). To subscribe to the MEGA 70 plan from Airtel, dial *407#.
  • 200GB for ₦136,000: The last monthly plan we will be looking at is the one that offers you 200GB for a sum of ₦136,000. It expires after using the data for 1 year (365 days). The data can be used on any device. Dial *408# to activate the plan subscription.

Code to Check Your Airtel Data Balance

Having discussed all the Airtel data plans in 2022 and the subscription codes to activate them, we will now briefly talk about how to check your data balance. You can do this in 2 ways: By dialing *223# or *140# on your Airtel SIM. You can choose the plan that best suits your budget and needs from the ones we have highlighted above.

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