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Airtel Unlimited Data Plans, Codes and Prices

Airtel Nigeria has recently introduced an unlimited data plan to its teeming subscribers in Nigeria. The Airtel unlimited data plan comes in three different categories at different prices. 

What is not clear at the time of writing this post is why there are three different unlimited data plans if they were truly unlimited. One point we can take from this is that Airtel unlimited data plan is capped and not truly unlimited but we are yet to know the data allowance allocated to each of the three data plans.

Apart from the newly introduced unlimited data plan by Airtel, there are a couple of other data plans you can subscribe to, we have written extensively on the cheapest Airtel Data plans and there’s Airtel night plan as well. Therefore, if the unlimited data plan is quite expensive for you, you may check out the affordable ones here.


Airtel Unlimited Plan (N10, 000)

AIRTEL unlimited data plan comes in three packages and the least expensive among them is the N10, 000 own. But considering the socio-economic situation in Nigeria, this is still quite unaffordable for an average Nigerian. How many people can afford to spend N10, 000 on data every month? Quite an insignificant percentage of the total population if you ask me.

But be that as it may, it’s good news that Airtel has joined the likes of Spectranet, Ntel, and Smile 4G which has an unlimited data plan. Compared to other network providers, Airtel unlimited data plan is no better in terms of pricing and quality.

The Airtel unlimited plan 10 costs N10, 000 and the validity are 30 days.

Airtel Unlimited Plan (N15, 000)

This is the second unlimited data plan from Airtel and the validity is equally 30 days just like the first one. This internet plan is known as Airtel unlimited plan 15 because the price is N15, 000. What we can say about this second data plan is that its data allowance might be higher than that of the first one and it should be faster too. So you get what you pay for.

As is the case with other 4G LTE Internet providers, the speed of your data becomes slower and slower as you get closer to or exhaust the data allowance, so the same thing applies here

Airtel Unlimited Data Plan (N20,000)

This is the most expensive out of the three and is expected to be the one with the most data allowance. It is known as Airtel unlimited 20 because it costs N20, 000 only. The validity is still 30 days just like others. So let’s go straight on how to subscribe to Airtel unlimited data plans

How to Subscribe to Airtel Unlimited Data Plans

 Below is listed the Airtel unlimited data subscription codes

  1. For Airtel Unlimited 10 that costs ₦10,000, simply dial *471#
  2. To subscribe to the Airtel Unlimited 15 that costs ₦15,000, simply dial *463#
  3. Finally, to subscribe to the Airtel Unlimited 20 which costs ₦20,000, dial *351#

There you have unlimited data plans from Airtel. Now over to you, let’s hear what you think about the new internet plan from Airtel Nigeria.

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  1. Thank you for saving my money i could have fall victim.i had them advertising artell 4g network sim in Anambra the saler even told me that artell 4g network is available in onitsha but from the reserch i made they dont have the coverage in Anambra as a whole.

  2. I have patiently read through the reviews/feedback here, and I can say I quietly made up the remaining 10% of my already made up 90% not to subscribe to the AIRTEL unlimited. What I would have experienced is same Lukman, Mike, etc al have laid out bare. I thank you guys for not letting me fall the 3rd time to the “unlimited data plan scam” that is ravishing Nigeria. I’ve used the unlimited plan of SMILE & SPECTRANET, and my experience has been data sapping in way that can be termed “phantom”.
    I’ve come to realise that it is better to use the normal data subscription of the provider that is best suited for your residence than go for “unlimited scan”.

  3. I subscribed to the unlimited 10 just after 8 days it stoped working tried contacting both customer care and their office but there response is that they will check on the issue still here after 5 days waiting nothing has been resolved. I think they tend to charge higher as they say, and what so ever atleast the plan should last me till month end even the speed limit would be decrease i dont care. Now i waste my hard earn money stupidly hoping i’d have internet the whole month which was just a scam…

  4. If only we can trash issues like these, send reviews and spread it all over the internet vitally and making a whole lot of Nigerians aware of these scams… I believe a lot of scams will honestly be put in check… This is just one out of numerous dubious things happening in Nigeria including hidden charges by banks, estimated bill by the power companies, pop up force subscription messages by Mobil phone networks.. The pop up that will never leave your phone screen after numerous times you click cancel unless you click OK as in forced to subscribed some weekly rubbish on the network or even auto renewals without prompting or giving you opportunities to choose whether you are at the least interested…….it’s a very unpatriotic and dubious trend adopted by these companies because they are not been well regulated and penalized by our government…. What do you expect

  5. First and foremost let me educate everybody on this plan. I own an ICT business in Warri and have been using MTN Hynet Unlimited. This has been my worst decision for my business. Now my colleagues are not happy with me.
    The airtel plans as stated below are “unlimited” with a clause. They give you 100GB, 65GB and 40GB respectively with normal speed.
    Now lets hold up a bit…what is normal speed? After testing airtel speed on this plan I got a dismal 0.48Mbps. To the less IT savvy, thats 512kbps (half of 1mbps). This means your download of your favorite movies will never go above 65kbps on your download manager.

    To the best part, they say when you exceed your allowed data (Now how will you exceed this data at this speed?)… I know how!!! The Airtel way. They will do “negative marking” for you. Charge you more per kilobyte so the data runs down faster than you know it.

    Now you know the real truth behind this dubious network. Would you rather go with crooked Indians(airtel) or Xenophobic S/Africans(MTN). Nobody should even mention GLO here. I think I’ll choose MTN all the way. They are more stable and give value for money at least with their MTN Hynet.

    My honest review! Make your choice now!

    My name is Joe and I am the CEO of E-Clicks Solutions Nigeria an ICT firm based in Warri.


    My apologies for being so lengthy, tried to compress as much as I could, however it is worth the read. Dont fall victim.

    I think Nigerians need to be more vigilant, I’m not going to say smarter because I believe we have smart Nigerians. It now seems like everything in Nigeria is a scam so people get comfortable with it and treat it as norm. Before I continue let me just make my point clear… AIRTEL IS A SCAM…and I plan to continue to write about this and other experiences I’ve had since I got into Nigeria. This is in no way trying to belittle the country but rather make Nigerians aware that more could be done to make the country safer. When things like this happen in civilized settings, you should be able to get a full refund from the network provider and if unsuccessful (on rare occasions) you could proceed to successfully sue and the network provider would end up paying you even more for inconvenience. Think about this for a moment, if this is practised in Nigeria wouldn’t it make it not worth scamming a customer? I even heard from a senator on TV that one of the greatest investors in the world, Richard Branson, was scammed by top officials of the Nigerian government which led to him withdrawing his investment (I wouldn’t say the Nigerian government, again just in hopes that the Nigerian government as a whole was not responsible for this, although this is no excuse).

    I could go on and on but I’m going to end with AIRTEL. So I went into the AIRTEL shop to buy one of the unlimited plans. They claim to have unlimited 10 (10.000 naira), unlimited 15 (15,000) and unlimited 20 (20.000) at least on the TV advert. I asked the guy about the details (very poor customer service by the way. Acted like I was coming to sell him something rather than buy from him. At the end of the day, tried to make him smile and just reminded him how important his job is as customer service. They fail to understand that they can make or break a contract just by their attitude), he said I’d only get the mifi device if I purchased the unlimited 20. That is just wrong, however, i decided I’d go for it but first I wanted to test the network as I have never used it before so I got a sim registered for my phone and went back home. I tested the network on my phone and via hotspot to my laptop and it was okay. Went back immediately and got the unlimited 20. We tested it at the shop but the network was a bit slow. I told him and he said I should hang on, went on the computer, did something and the network was a bit faster. So I asked, are you able to slow my network down whenever you want? (You being AIRTEL) He said no that it is of no benefit to them. Sounded a bit fishy. By the way the device I was given was a lot different from the one advertised on TV. The one advertised on TV looks like the one you get from (NTEL). This one looked very tacky. Anyway so I left the shop and went back home, connected the device via wifi to my laptop, it seemed a slower compared with the hotspot from my phone (remember I got an AIRTEL SIM for my phone too). I decided I’d manage the so called unlimited 20 (mifi device) I had just purchased. The device worked that day and the next. On the third day however, it stopped working. I was cut off the network no knowing when I’d be reconnected. I just thought okay I’m going to give AIRTEL the benefit of the doubt and assumed this is not done deliberately, maybe their entire network is down temporarily. Waited for many hours and still nothing. So I remembered I could try the airtel sim I initially got for my phone to test the network and to my surprised it was working just fine. I realised there we go, another scam! I turned the mifi device on and off many times and nothing worked.

    These people claim they’ll never cut you off even if you exhaust your data allowance. Lets assume we allow that lie to slide, remember for the unlimited 20 you are meant to get 100GB. How in the world would you consume 100GB in one and half days? It then became clear to me it was a way to control my usage. Going at this rate with this tick of theirs there was no way I was going to use even 10GB in a month of the ‘100GB’ allocated to me. Also remember there’s no way to check your data balance for the mifi devices. When I got in Nigeria I did a research on network providers and although every network seemed to have their bad points, one about AIRTEL was really striking and left a lasting impression. There was this review on some sites that with AIRTEL, your 10GB could actually be 5GB and your 5GB could actually be 2.5GB. The review claims your data finishes much faster on AIRTEL compared with any other network provider. This might be the reason they started doing the unlimited plans because there’s ‘no way’ to check you data balance (I’d see if I could find links to similar reviews and paste it at the bottom of this write up). So they may claim they are allocating you 100GB but may only allocate 10 or 15GB after all you can never find out. That infact is another trick they could be using based on fair usage policy. They claim they’ll only slow you down after you exhaust your 100GB but end up slowing you dramatically down just after 5GB or 10GB. The trick here is you can never find out. But of course you can if you install a program that monitors your usage. This then boils down again to being able to get a full refund or successfully sue.

    Please don’t fall victim to these guys. 20,000 naira may not be a lot of money to lose but I have looked into the minimum wage in Nigeria and oh no, its not pretty at all. I have taken my time to write this so that people don’t make the same mistake and of course to stop them making free money off unsuspecting customers. It is totally unfair and unacceptable.

    ADVICE: If you like AIRTEL, then stick to their normal mobile data plans, but dont waste your money on the ‘Unlimited plans’, they are so limited and you are better off on the normal mobile data plans because it is faster and atleast you dont get cut off temporarily. Cheers!

    This site wont allow me post links. Just do a google search on airtel network reviews

    • You are so wrong, you had a bad experience doesn’t necessarily make the unlimited plan a scam. I got it a couple of weeks ago. 10K plan for two months, got one month free making it three months plan and a free MiFi, all for the cost of 20K.

    • Omg.wt Mike posted up there is so true.had almost same experience just that mine happened after the 2nd sub.cos we used the first for like a month b4 my husband called them to find out how much data is being used up cos he doesn’t want to be cut off abruptly.our network slowed down imm after the call.we did a 2nd sub of 10k and it was used for just 3days unlike the first. Airtel is the biggest scam.theres nothing like doesn’t even slow STOPS WORKING

  7. You could always ask the care agents about this plansand they will enlighten you on it.
    This plans are truly unlimited however thespeed will be throttled down after 40GB with the 10k plan and with the 15k plan after 65GB.
    For the price not being affordable? This is still the best value for money in Nigerian Data plans…. other networks start at 19k for unlimited… I am currently on Swift 4G with 30GB for 7k and Im considering stepping up to the unlimited.