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Apple Punishes Google over Enterprise certificate

Large companies use Apple’s enterprise to distribute apps internally. Google and Facebook were identified as among companies using Apple’s enterprise to send apps to its consumers which is against Apple rule.

The Facebook certificate was withdrawn yesterday when Apple discovered that they were going against the rule (but it has been reinstated). Apple blocks google today when they saw that Google was also doing the same thing.

However, the two companies have started working towards rectifying the issue. Google revealed to The Verge that they have met Apple so that they can fix the temporary disruption of most of its cooperate apps and they expect to resolve the issue as soon as possible.  Meanwhile, Apple in a statement to Buzzfeed stated that

we are working together with Google to help them reinstate their enterprise certificate as soon as possible”

Apple has also issued a strong warning to developers that it would revoke their enterprise certificate if they discover that they are using their enterprise certificate to distribute apps to consumers. This warning is coming after Apple revoked Facebook enterprise certificate.

Even as this rule is meant for all the companies, Apple will not fail to deal with Google if they go against the rule. The verge also revealed that there are other companies that are distributing the beta apps to consumers apart from Facebook and Google. They revealed that the likes of DoorDash, Amazon and Sonos are all guilty of the same crime.

Do you think that Apple is being overprotective here


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