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Apple Releases Latest iOS 12.3 and tvOS 12.3 with New tv App

After a series of beta testing, Apple has begun rolling out updates to all its operating systems, some of which bring some new things while some others are just the infamous “bugs fixes and performance improvement”. iOS 12.3 for iPhones/iPads and tvOS 12.3 for Apple TVs brings along the much anticipated Apple TV+ that was announced a couple of months back as a streaming platform and is set to rival the likes of Netflix. The new Apple TV+ app is available in over 100 countries and lets users pay for only the channels they want.

Apple Releases Latest iOS 12.3

For example, those in the US have the options of HBO, Epix, Starz and more to choose from and only pay for those channels they choose. In addition to this, Apple TV+ users also get personalised recommended of TV shows and movies based on the ones they’ve watched from over 150 video apps/streaming services available. They also get access to more than 100,000 iTunes movies, TV shows and quite a number of 4k HDR content. The app will also be available on some select Samsung Smart TVs starting today and will make its way to MacOS later this year.

Asides the new Apple TV+ App, iOS 12.3 and tvOS 12.3 also bring forth a lot of bugs fixes and performance as well as functionality improvement, especially in the Apple News+, Apple TV remote, Apple Music, CarPlay and Airplay 2. Airplay 2 is also going to be supported on some selected Samsung Smart TVs. MacOS 10.14.5 brings nothing new – just squashes some bugs and improves performance.

WatchOS 5.2.1 update expands support for the EGC feature in Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Iceland and Slovakia and also fixes the irregular heartbeat notifications. HomePod OS 12.3 just adds support for “joining some types of enterprise networks that require unique credentials”.

That’s pretty much it in this round of Apple software updates. Supported devices should be receiving the updates as we speak but if you are yet to get the update notification then you can check manually for it.

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