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Apple to launch a Visual Reality Headset with rOS

Again Apple is last at something, the VR party. But Apple won’t let being the last at something stop them from making a difference. We can still remember how they totally went in on the bezel-less trend and created a masterpiece with no bezels, the iPhone X.

Google initially came into the VR world with Google Glass, which was not so good. Then there was the Daydream and Samsung also released the Gear VR. I think Apple would definitely resurrect the VR world. I mean, have y’all played PlayStation with PSVR? That’s visual reality.

Apple intends to succeed where Google and Samsung are obviously not taking our breaths away. The new Apple AR should be ready for consumers by 2020. Although there’s no official name for the VR yet, we are guessing “iGlass”?

To show the world they are ready to dominate the VR world, Apple is designing a new display and processor for AR. Meaning the new VR would have its own display and processor, unlike what Google and Samsung are offering. Just like the iOS for iPhones, tvOS for Apple Smart TV and watchOS for Apple smartwatch. The new VR would feature a new operating system called rOS (Reality OS).

Apple is still finalizing how users would control the headset and launch apps. According to Tim Cook, “There’s still a lot of work to do on the new AR”. Apple is also trying out Siri voice activation, investigating touchscreens and head gestures as it creates prototypes.

“We don’t give a rat about being first”, Tim Cook says after being asked why Apple is late to the VR party.

“We want to be the absolute best in creating people’s experiences. something that you would see out in the market anytime soon, would not be something that any of us would be satisfied with”, he explained further.

Though I’m not a huge fan of Apple, i thInk they would literally show others how it’s really done. Or what do you think?

Joseph Young
Joseph Young
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