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Best Apple Airpods to Buy

Are you looking for the best Apple Airpods to buy in 2023? In this article, we covered all the Apple Airpods from the first generation. Today we are going to analyze them and you will be able to pick one Airpod for yourself after reading. The Apple Airpods redefined how we listen to music. It has seamless connectivity and an immersive sound quality others compete to have.

Airpods now come with active noise cancellation that is leading the industry. The first generation of Apple Airpods was launched in 2016 and it started a revolution in how we listen to music. A lot of brands have tried so much to catch up but to no avail, it seems to only get better with every release. The most recent Airpods Pro 2 which is currently the industry standard for noise cancellation was also excellent. You can also see the 10 Best Apple Watch Faces You can use

There are some key determinants needed for you to make the decision before picking an Apple Airpod. You need to consider how it will fit you because we have two design styles. Well, let’s share everything you need to know about the Airpods here today.

The Top Best Apple Airpods to Buy in 2023

1.    Apple Airpods 2 Pro

The Apple Airpods 2 Pro comes with some significant upgrades from the original Airpods Pro. It comes in a smaller design with improved ANC and wireless connection. The Airpods 2 Pro comes with a new H2 chipset that makes processing audio even better. You can also use it for a whole day with 6 hours of continuous listening and 30 hours extra with the case. The carry case has an IPX4 water resistance rating and it also has a speaker and an opening for a loop. It is currently the best Apple Airpods to buy if money is not an issue.

2.    Apple Airpods Pro

The first generation AirPods Pro has excellent sound quality, with great noise cancellation. It has an in-ear style design making them fit perfectly in the ear. The transparency mode is excellent and you can find them available for around $160. It has a well-balanced sound with good bass. The Airpods Pro is a tad bit ahead of the Airpods 3 in terms of sound quality. You should definitely consider buying them for what they offer in terms of value and performance.

3.    Apple Airpods 3

The Airpods 3 is the successor to the Airpods 2 and they come with some new features like Spatial Audio. They come with a new design that sample the pro models while still offering immersive sound quality. The Airpods 3 connects seamlessly to iPhones as usual. They don’t have noise cancellation which is a downgrade, especially considering their price. It is still one of the best Apple Airpods to buy in 2023 because of how they work seamlessly with other apple products.

4.    Apple Airpods 2019

These are the most popular Airpods from Apple and you hardly live through a day in public without seeing them. Although they have been upgraded with the Airpods 3 you can still consider buying them because they are cheap. It uses the Apple H1 chip with a very lively sound stage. They are good for making calls and listening to music casually. If you are someone who doesn’t go overboard with earbuds then this is for you. The case also supports wireless charging which is also a great feature.

5.    Apple Airpods Max

These are the first-generation over-the-ear headphones from Apple and they have industry-leading noise cancellation. They also don’t fall short in terms of audio quality. The headphones connect seamlessly to apple ecosystem products. Apple also used a digital crown found on their watches to control the headphone. The headphone comes in a case that preserves the battery but doesn’t really protect the headphone. If you want headphones from Apple then you should consider them. It is also in close competition with Sony WH-1000XM4s and some Bose headphones.

6.    Beats Studio Buds

The Beats Studio Buds have spatial audio with Dolby Atmos. They are comfortable to wear for long hours because of their design. It has excellent sound quality with a lot of details on lows and mids. The bass is also ever-present while the vocals are also clear. Battery life is around 5 hours which is small when compared to other buds around its price category. They work seamlessly with apple products, the only noticeable drawback might be the lack of strong active noise cancellation.

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Final Thoughts – Best Apple Airpods to Buy in 2023

These are all the models that seamlessly work with the Apple Ecosystem. They also work with Android phones but you will get limited functionality. Some features like spatial audio wouldn’t work on Android. All of them have great sound quality and you should expect a decent listening experience from any of them. If you have any questions, kindly ask in the comment section below.

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