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5 Best Cell Phone Plans in Canada (October 2023 Edition)

What are the best cell phone plans in Canada? We searched and compared the cell phone plans that offer value for money in Canada. There are many cell phone plans for individuals and families, and we will list them here today. There aren’t many options in Canada that offer value for money, but we picked what we feel are the best. Some plans already support fast 5G internet connectivity, and you can get up to 50GB when you subscribe to their monthly bundles. Let’s share more details about Canada’s best networks and cell phone plans.

These are the Top Best Cell Phone Plans in Canada 2023

1. Simply Connect ($40 Smartphone Plan)

You get a discount when you opt-in to use the Simply Connect monthly plan. You get 6GB of data on Rogers 4G LTE network, which more than 97% of Canadians use. There is also unlimited long-distance calling from anywhere in Canada and text messages. They also offer many cheap smartphones with the plan, but it’s not necessary to get them unless you need the phone. The plan’s name might be confusing, but it is one of Canada’s best value-for-money cell phone plans. It costs $46 per month if you bring your phone.

2. Freedom Mobile (5G Unlimited 50GB CA-USA)

The Freedom mobile plan is probably one of Canada’s best cell phone plans. It costs $45 per month, and you get 50GB of 5G data with unlimited talk time and text messages if you bring your phone. There aren’t many deals out there that are better than this in the country. You can also pair new mobile plans with the Freedom Mobile plan. They also offer the Pixel 7a or iPhone 14 at $15 monthly. The network is new and that is one of its downsides: it is not widely available throughout the country. They have 4G and 5G in most metropolitan areas, but you might be better off with another carrier.

3. Telus (Essential 60 5G)

Telus has a good plan that offers value for money. They have 5G connectivity across the country, and the essential 60 5G plan is unlimited. If you finish the 60GB of data they offer, you still enjoy browsing the internet throughout the month with throttled speed. You can use your old phone or get a new one and save $10 on the plan for a year.

4. Freedom Mobile (Shared Plan)

You might want a family plan, and Freedom Mobile still has one of Canada’s best family cell phone plans. You get 15GB of data on two mobile phones, and there is a discount instead of buying a second plan. The network offers nationwide wireless service across both phones, and you also get unlimited long-distance calls on the network. You save more when you bring your phone instead of buying a new one from them. The network is robust in urban areas and lacks coverage across the country. It is perfect for people who stay in metropolitan areas and barely travel. It costs only $30 per month, and you get real value if you go for it.

5. Bell (Infinite Family Plan)

You get 480GB of shareable 5G data on one of the largest networks in Canada. It costs around $280 per month but is entirely worth it. You also get a discount if you add more family members. They charge $85 monthly for the initial phone and then $65 for any phone added later. There are different family plans from the largest networks in the country, but we feel this is among the best. Undoubtedly, It is expensive, but you can share the data across other lines.

How to choose the right Cell Phone Plan in Canada

There are many cell phone plans in the country but no one knows your needs better. We checked price, features, perks, and popularity before picking the plans above. The article will also be constantly updated when we find any good deals. Canada is the second largest country with cell service in the world. Despite that, cell service is still expensive in the country. There are some cheap ones, and we listed them above.

Wrapping Up

The plans listed above are Canada’s best and cheapest cell phone plans. Although there are more plans, we narrowed the list to what we think are the best. If you have any questions, kindly ask in the comments below, and we will gladly help.

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