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8 Best Cell Phone Plans in the UK 2024

Are you looking for the best cell phone plans in the UK? Today, we are discussing the best plans here, which are not accessible. There are over 20 virtual networks alongside the four top networks in the country. There are some flexible deals, and some are selling mobile phones and SIM-only contracts. We scouted many plans to pick the best to give you real value for money. We also considered speed, coverage, customer service, and reliability while creating the list. Here are the best mobile networks in the UK for 2023/2024.

These are the Best Cell Phone Plans in the UK Right Now

1. Smarty

The Smarty network is one of the best in the UK because of its reliability. It is a virtual network that doesn’t offer monthly phone contracts. You get a SIM that only deals with more data than any other cell phone plan in the country. The network gives you 100GB for around 12 pounds; no other network comes close. They have an unlimited deal at £20, and when it’s on sale, you pay £18. Their cheapest plan is £8, and you get up to 12GB of data with unlimited calls and texts. You also get free EU roaming subject to a 12GB fair-use data cap. It is a fast and reliable network and works almost everywhere in the country.

2. EE

EE has some of the best cell phone plans in the UK, and it is the fastest mobile network in the country. You pay £18 monthly for 25GB and unlimited calls and texts. If you want their unlimited plan, you have to pay £43 per month and get unlimited calls and texts for the plan. As a first-timer, you get a free Apple Music and BritBox family subscription for 6 months on the network. It is pretty expensive, but when you consider the speed and availability nationwide, then it is pretty fair. They also have good customer service, with offices spread around the country.

3. Voxi

Vodafone backs Voxi, and it offers unlimited social media and streaming packages. You can access YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video for £15 per month. It offers value for money, and there are no contracts attached. The virtual network has a basic plan for £10, where you get 15 GB per month, including unlimited calls and text. You can also pay £35 monthly for unlimited data, calls, and text. They have a robust base of users, and most of them are satisfied with what Voxi is doing.

4. Lebara

Lebara offers value, so many UK mobile phone users flock to the network. The 12-month SIM-only plan starts at just £4 with 3GB of data and goes up to £22 for the unlimited package. You also get 100 international minutes to 42 countries, making it a good choice for those with family and friends outside the UK. You can opt-in for the 30-day no-contract package but must pay more. Their customer service is one of their downsides, but it is not utterly bad they take time before they respond to your problem.

5. Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile might not offer the best cell phone plan in the UK, but they know how to keep their customers happy. It is a virtual network operated by Virgin Media O2. You pay £7 monthly for unlimited calls and text accompanied by 2GB of data. If you want their unlimited plan, you must pay up to £30. Some family perks are included in their packages, but you are not getting any additional features unless you have a spending cap. They have a limited 5G coverage, and the overall speed isn’t up to par with more extensive networks. However, they offer reasonable SIM-only deals.

6. Sky Mobile

Sky Mobile is a virtual network, and Virgin Media O2 manages it. They have one of the best 5G services in the country, but it might be limited due to their reliance on Virgin Media O2. The 5G speed has been steadily improved, so I don’t think it will be limiting for long. You pay £7 monthly for 3GB of data and unlimited calls and text. For £30 a month, you get 70GB of data, unlimited minutes, and texts. If you are on the network, you can roll over the data in case you don’t finish it in 30 days and stream the Sky app without limits.

7. iD Mobile

iD Mobile offers more data for less, and you can get 150GB for only £12 per month; the catch is you have to sign up on a 24-month contract plan. If you want the monthly plan you have to pay £18. You can roll over unused data to the next month, which makes sense for subscribers. The network also included roaming across other EU countries. It is subject to fair usage, depending on the cost of your plan. They also have pay monthly smartphone deals, and they mostly undercut the competition. It is one of the best cell phone plans in the UK.

8. GiffGaff

GiffGaff is undoubtedly one of the best networks in the UK. They have great offers, like £10 for 20GB per month or £15 for 35GB per month. GiffGaff also has an 18-month contract with one-month rolling contracts. You get extra data when you sign up for the contract plans. Their unlimited plan costs £25, but the speed is limited once you’ve used 100GB. You get the real unlimited plan when you pay an extra £18 per month. They also give you a surreal customer experience matching their data plans.

A List of the Best Cell Phone Plans in the UK:

  • Smarty
  • EE
  • Vixo
  • Lebara
  • Tesco Mobile
  • Sky Mobile
  • iD Mobile
  • GiffGaff
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