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Best Chess Apps for iPhone

Chess is one of the most popular board games globally, and it has simple rules with intensive tactics. There are a lot of chess players, and it is a game that attracts people of all ages. The current world champion is still in his twenties. Today we are listing the best chess apps for iPhone. The apps listed below have a good interface, and you will enjoy playing the game of chess with your friends and family using your Apple iPhone.

Chess has improved many people’s lives; it has created friendships and memories for many players. While it will be challenging to replace playing with a board, iPhones are giving people the opportunity to play anywhere at any time. Some people even use their iPads to play chess. So here is the list of chess apps for iPhones specially selected for the best gaming experience.

Top Best Chess Apps for iPhone

1.    Shredder Chess

Shredder Chess is an excellent app for playing chess, and a former chess champion developed it. You can play against a virtual opponent, and if you set it too complicated, you will get shredded; if you want to enjoy playing, it is better to set it to beginner mode to enjoy playing. In addition, there are tips and tricks built into the app that can help guide beginners that want to learn how to play chess. The app is available for download on the app store, but you can also download it on your Android phone, Windows, or Linux laptop.

Download it Here

2.    Play Magnus

Play Magnus is one of the best chess apps for iPhone, and you can play against the current world champion Magnus Carlsen. The app models Magnus using unique algorithms, and those that win stand a chance to play Magnus at an undisclosed location. Unfortunately, you have to select the age you want to play against, affecting the game’s difficulty. So if you’re going to stand a chance to play against Magnus, you have to set it to a reasonable age.

Download it Here

3.    Chess for Kids

Chess for kids is a specially designed app that teaches kids how to play and learn the game of chess using fun cartoon characters. There are over 1000 puzzles, explainer videos, and chess bots that kids can play against. The app is ad-free, and it is entirely safe for kids. It was designed to get kids involved with playing chess instead of spending away their time on the internet.

Download it Here

4.    Chess – Play and Learn – best chess apps for iPhone

Chess lets you meet with people worldwide and play the beautiful chess game together. The app is available for download for Android and IOS devices. You can download it for free, and it has many features. The players on the app come from different countries, and you can add them as friends and re-arrange matches. There are thousands of chess puzzles in the app, and there are videos that will teach you how to play chess. You pay to unlock certain features in the app, but you can play the free mode and still enjoy and learn for free.

Download it Here

5.    Chess with Pro Coach

Chess with Pro Coach is one of the best chess apps for iPhone that will show you the right moves after you make a move while playing. The app can help you improve your chess skills effectively. Beginners can depend on the app to guide them on how to play chess from scratch. You can also level up the game to the most complex mode to experience what playing with a grandmaster feels like. They have different themes and chess boards, and you can also customize some aspects of the game. The app has high ratings in the app store, and people like it a lot.

Download it Here

6.    Chess – Free

Chess–free, like the name implies, is a free app that anyone can download on their iPhone or iPad and enjoy playing the game of chess. You can play against the computer or a friend; you can also play as either white or black. The game can be played with family and friends using Bluetooth or a wireless connection. There are a lot of puzzles, and you can also set your difficulty mode. There are ten modes available from beginner to grandmaster.

Download it Here

7.    Magnus Kingdom – best chess apps for iPhone (Kids Edition)

Magnus Kingdom is another kid-friendly chess app that works smoothly on iPhones. It is one of the best chess apps for iPhone, and it can be used to teach kids the basics of the game. They partner with Magnus Carlsen and the guys that designed the Play Magnus app. The app teaches kids the strategies needed to play the game before switching to playing on boards.

8.    Real Chess 3D

Real Chess 3D is an excellent chess app with high-quality images. The game can be played with a computer or a friend, and it sits in a horizontal or vertical mode. You can customize the looks of the game according to your preference. The game also automatically saves your progress so you can continue playing later. It has a 3D view that separates it from other chess apps on the app store. The game is even more enjoyable on an iPad.

Download it Here

Conclusion – best chess apps for iPhone

There you go, the best apps for playing chess on iPhone. These are the best ones with high ratings that we could find on the app store. The games also work well on iPads as well. You can have a lot of fun with the apps and even decide to play with family and friends. If we missed the app that you play chess with on your iPhone, please share them with us in the comment section below.

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