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10 Best Puzzle Android Games

10 best puzzle Android games: Puzzle games are brain teasers and have to do with the player’s intelligence. They are a good time killer and at the same time teach you one or two things. There are thousands if not millions of Puzzle games available for Android devices.

But which one has a good storyline with fun facts and is also entertaining? Which of the puzzle games are worth your time? Stay with me as I list the 10 best puzzle Android games.

Best Puzzle Android games

Cut the Rope

This Puzzle series has everything you are looking for in a puzzle game and is 1# on my list of 10 best puzzle Android games. It is also one of the most popular puzzle games, featuring a cute little monster.

The game is all about taking the candy to the monster, when the monster eats it, you progress to the next level. The game has different mechanics to keep things feeling fresh all the time.

Deux Ex Go

This series of puzzle games from Square Enix have similar mechanics but different modes. The games are set on a board, and you have to make it to the top without getting killed. Try these games today and be entertained for the rest of your life.

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This is one of the best puzzle games out there, with amazing graphics and easy gameplay. The file size is also very low, compared to the rest of the list. Overall the game has some great mechanics and good puzzle elements. The very adventurous game has 50 levels for you to scale through.

Monument Valley 1 and 2

This puzzle game is very popular and entertaining, it boasts the MC Escher-inspired puzzle mechanics. Monument Valley puzzles are not as difficult as the rest and can be played by kids. It’s not that challenging, you can relax and enjoy the game while playing.

Mushroom 11

It’s simply entertaining, educative, and interesting, controlling a blob of fungus. You have to make sure the fungus grows in the opposite direction. The game is very fun and entertaining, you will surely love it. It isn’t free though, you have to make a one-time payment of $4.99 to download the game.


This mystery puzzle game is one of a kind, it’s fun, entertaining, and gets you thinking. Its subdivision “Bury me, my Love” is a text game about a refugee, its excellent adventure-puzzle games are always top-notch.


Prune is a fun puzzle game, you get to build plants and it grows into the light. It has 48 levels that are quite competitive, fun, and entertaining. There are no in-app purchases of course because the game itself costs $3.99. You get to sync your progress between devices, so you don’t miss your game data.


Remember this puzzle game on PC from the 1990s? Well, it’s available for Android devices, so you get to enjoy this legendary game on mobile too. You have the full world to explore, lots of puzzles to solve, and everything in between. There are also some modern fun features such as remastered cool graphics and extra content.


Republique goes for $1.99, but it’s totally worth every penny. It has good graphics, complex mechanics, and an actual storyline. The masterfully done game is one of the best escape games on mobile right now. You have to help a girl named Hope with surveillance cameras, guards, and various obstacles to get her out safely. You will surely enjoy the storyline, it’s a very fun game.


This game is all about shadows, with a nonsensical object dangling in front of a light. All you have to do is shape, twist, and move the objects until the shadow creates a picture of something. If you are looking for a good puzzle game for Android to increase your focus and reasoning, Shadowmatic is the 10 best puzzle Android games you should have.

Sounds easy right? Well not entirely. This family-friendly game has 100 levels, a range of objectives, achievements, and an arcade mode. You can try out the first 14 levels for free, then you have to pay $2.99 to enjoy the rest.


If you don’t want to spend a dime on a puzzle game, then try out “Cut the rope”. But if you have some cash to spare, République is very addictive and fun. Overall they are all great puzzle games, and they are definitely worth the time and perhaps the money. What do you think about these 10 best puzzle Android games?

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