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10 Best ePub Readers for Windows

Electronic Publication (ePub) is an e-book file format of technical standards, which is published by the IDPF (International Digital Publishing Forum). The e-book file format uses the file extension – “.epub”.

There are specific programs that can read this type of e-book. These programs are known as “ePub readers”. For Windows users who wish to read an ePub e-book, take a look at our top 10 best ePub readers for windows.

Best ePub Readers for Windows

Microsoft Edge

The new and improved Microsoft Edge browser comes with an in-built ePub reader. This browser is only available for systems running on Windows 10 and above. One of the good things about this is that you don’t need to download or install any files, this browser will allow you to read ePub perfectly. Being in-built, it definitely deserves to be number one on this list of the best ePub readers for Windows

Adobe Digital Solutions

Adobe also has its own ePub reader which isn’t a surprise to most people in the developer’s world. Adobe Digital Solutions features ePub 3 which allows a user to read ePub files perfectly without disturbance. Images are well-resized to fit on the screen of your monitor without losing the quality of the said image. You can also organize your ePub files on ePub 3 seamlessly. There are a lot of features offered by Adobe Digital Solutions aside from reading ePub files.

Neat Reader

Neat Reader is a cross-platform advanced ePub reader program and is among the best ePub Readers for Windows. Unlike most ePub readers out there, Neat Reader saves your ePub files in the cloud.

This way you can access the ePub files anywhere on any computer. Neat Reader is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. Basic features like font size, type, colour are all available on Neat Reader including bookmarking of ePub files for further reading.


Readium is an open-source initiative. It is a Chrome extension program based on ReadiumJS. This ePub reader will be ideal for those using Chrome browser and who prefer to read their ePub files through there.

Readium is developed daily which is a major advantage over the rest, thanks to it being open source. Font size and colour can be customized to your taste. The background colour can also be changed. Overall, it is quite similar to that Adobe.


Bookviser is an intriguing program that gives you that feeling of reading a physical book. The software’s user interface displays your ePub file as if it is on a real-life book while you scroll through it. Bookviser features all the basic features you’ll need from an ePub reader. It also supports Smashwords, Gutenberg, and other libraries where you download free classic ePub books to read.


Bibliovore is developed by Microsoft Inc themselves. It is integrated with OneDrive and saves your ePub file collection in the cloud.

The software is free to download and use. Though, with the new Microsoft Edge, there is really no need for downloading Bibliovore. Or else your computer is running on Windows 9 and below. This software allows you to download ePubs directly from online libraries similar to what you do on Adobe.

Beetle Reader

Beetle Reader works on the browser itself, so there is really no need to download or install any files. It is still a new software in the world of ePub reading but has a legitimate claim to the list. It supports a multi-page layout which is not that common out there. It has good features like notes, bookmarks, search, and annotations. Beetle Reader also offers support to read audio and video content which is kinda unique.


Calibre is a veteran in the world of ePub reading. It is often considered the most powerful ePub tool. This is because you can use Calibre to create an ePub not only read them. Many writers across the world prefer this software when writing ebooks. And the ebooks can be converted into various formats using Calibre.


Kobo features a marketplace where you can find books, comics, children’s books, magazines etc. You can use Kobo to bookmark, sync across devices and apps, and also track progress. Kobo supports all formats of ePub and allows for easy use. It is free-to-use software and its marketplace offers millions of books.


Similar to Kobo, Nook features a marketplace where you can buy books. The software features themes, backgrounds, fonts, bookmarks, sync, and access to classics. Nook is a cross-platform program that offers a 14-days free trial before the need to subscribe to continue using the software. Fans of comic books, won’t mind subscribing as they get access to unlimited numbers of comic books.

These are the 10 best ePub readers for Windows. Just download any of the listed ePub readers and you won’t have a problem enjoying your ePub.

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