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10 Best GarageBand App Alternatives for Android

In this article, we shall be discussing Garageband benefits and the 10 Best GarageBand App Alternatives for Android devices.

GarageBand is often regarded as the primary option for macOS users for music editing and podcast creation. While the music app is beneficial for iOS and macOS users, the same thing can not be for Android users.

GarageBand isn’t available on Android. This results in Android users searching for an alternative music app that is quite similar to GarageBand. If you’re in that scenario, then worry not cause we got you covered. In this article, we shall be discussing the 10 best GarageBand app alternatives for Android.

Best GarageBand App Alternatives for Android

Music Maker JAM

This music app works for all genres of music out there. You can create songs and beats of any given genre. The app features virtually every musical instrument in the music scene.

The loop feature allows you to mix new songs with multiple studio-quality loops. You can even record your voice to play in the loop through the recording section. Music Maker JAM features an in-built 8-bit channel mixer which makes live recording possible.

n-Track Studio Music DAW

With this app, you can literally turn your Android device into a recording studio. Record and playback both audio and MIDI tracks with n-Track Studio Music DAW. Apply audio effects and mix the record which will enhance the track’s overall quality. The music app supports both stereo and mono recording options.

The free version supports 11 tracks while the paid version features unlimited tracks. One of the key advantages of this n-Track Studio Music DAW is the support of a 64-bit double-precision floating-point audio engine. This feature is not common among Android music apps.


Stagelight features tons of composing and mixing music capabilities. It is a free-to-use music app that is compatible with all operating systems, not just Android. It features over 9 in-built musical instruments and supports hardware MIDI devices.

You can become a DJ with Stagelight thanks to the Loop Builder feature. For some unknown reasons, Stagelight works best when used on tablets.

uFXloops Music Studio

This is a more versatile music app and is more appealing to users who work in the following genres; trance, electro, techno, and hip-hop. uFXloops Music Studio comes with many features like a beat maker, mixer, soundboards, free loop sequencer, and sampler.

To get you started, the app comes with 200 samples which are very crucial, especially for beginners. It comes with basic audio effects and supports virtually all audio formats in both stereo and mono recording. The community is also interesting, helpful, and fun to be with.

Caustic 3

The third generation of Caustic music app. The app is ideal for users who are into hardware controllers and synthesizers. Its single virtual machine has the ability to render up to 13 other synthesizer machines. Most of the controllers on Caustic 3 support automation. You can use an OTG cable to connect your hardware MIDI device to the app.

FL Studio

This multi-track recording studio is available on Android and PCs. There are over 130 high-quality instruments, sliced-loop beats, and drum kits on the app. You get to use a ton of available effects like EQ, Amp, and Mix; plus 99 track sequencers, Limiter, Reverb, and Delay.

FL Studio edition feature is also top-notch and its screen is also editable and comes with multiple undo and redo. The battery-friendly audio engine feature means the app won’t drain your device’s battery unnecessarily. It features a neat and easy-to-use user interface.

Walk Band

Just like FL Studio, Walk Band is a multi-track recording studio with an easy-to-use user interface. With just one click on the app, you can convert MIDI to MP3. The app supports a peripheral keyboard.

Its guitars and drum pads are simple and can be inserted into the track. The downside of Walk Band is that there is only a limited number of instruments to work with. And not suitable or ideal for long tracks.

Audio Evolution

This is a complete digital audio workstation and another multi-track recording studio. With your device’s microphone or external microphone, one can record their song or live musical instrument.

There is an in-built piano roll and you can also use an external MIDI keyboard to record songs. The app comes with a MIDI sequencer, ability to use samples and loops, import audio, and the MIDI feature. Audio Evolution depends heavily on loops in music creation.


Soundtrap is an online music composer for Android, similar to GarageBand. The user interface is simple and easy to understand. The timeline has no limitation and you’re free to make use of its in-built instruments.

It also features autotune which is common in today’s music industry. The only possible disadvantage for Soundtrap is not having many audio editing tools.


Lastly, on this list, we have BandLab which is often referred to as a modernized version of most classic GarageBand alternatives. BandLab comes with online instruments; it features over 100 guitars to work with. The material design of BandLab is a good and unique feature and also its social platform. BandLab offers online and cloud services.

These are the 10 best GarageBand app alternatives for Android. Any of the mentioned apps here can easily substitute GarageBand on your Android device.

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