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Best File Sharing Apps for Android & iOS To Transfer files between two devices

Have you been searching for the best file sharing software for business, best file sharing app for Android, iOS and PC, or the very free online file sharing and storage app? then you are on the right page as we take a loot at the best free file sharing software, free file sharing services available on Android iOS and PC

When about to share a file, the first option that generally comes to mind is the good old Bluetooth simply because it is widely compatible with a lot of devices and pretty much comes pre-installed so to speak.

Almost, if not all smartphones out there have the Bluetooth connectivity. However, there is a slight problem with Bluetooth – its speed. If you’re sharing a small sized file then Bluetooth might do just fine but when the file you’re about to send is pretty huge then you’ll definitely need something faster.

This is where sharing apps come in as it utilizes WiFi/WiFi Hotspot for faster sharing of files and there are a whole lot of them to choose from which can make sending a breeze, essentially speeding up the process. Here we list the very best file sharing apps you can download and use right now on Both Android and iOS smartphone.

Best File Sharing Apps For Android & iOS


Xender needs no introduction as you have most likely heard about the app or used it. With Xender, you can send all kinds of files from one smartphone to another. Virtually all files can be sent via Xender as long you have it on your device. It is also cross-platform compatible so you can send files from your Android to an iPhone. You can also use Xender on your Windows and Mac PC to send and receive from one PC to another or from one PC to a smartphone – you don’t need any USB connection for that. Best part ? You can do all these without using data(even if you have). It has over 100M+ on the Google Play store, an impressive 4.4 ratings and weighs just 13MB in size. Xender is one app every smartphone user should have.

Xender Features

  1. Share any type of files at any time.
  2. 200 times faster than Bluetooth.
  3. Doesn’t use mobile data.
  4. Cross-platform support – available on Android, iOS, Tizen, Mac and Windows (No need for USB connection)
  5. Unlimited file size transfer – transfer any file size, no limit.

Download Xender For Android & iOS

ShareIt -Tranfer & Share

ShareIt-Best File Sharing Apps for Android & iOS

ShareIt is also another good file sharing app that you should consider Downloading for easy file sharing. The app is pretty similar to Xender as it available on Android and iOS devices. It is also very fast in file sharing and more than 200 time faster than Bluetooth. There is also no size limit so you can send pretty much an file size you want.

You can send pretty much anything from HD videos, pictures to even documents. ShareIt also added an inbuilt video player you can use to watch your videos which makes the app stand out. So when next you receive a video from a friend using ShareIt, you can immediately start watching it via the inbuilt video player. You can also discover millions of high quality music on the app, both online and offline. The app also has over 500M+ Downloads on the Google Play store and weighs just 20MB in size.

ShareIt – Transfer & Share Features

  1. Send and receive any file at any time.
  2. No File Tranfer Limit.
  3. Inbuilt video player.
  4. Discover millions of music, both online and offline.
  5. Inbuilt Music Player.
  6. 200 times Faster than Bluetooth.
  7. Cross Platform – works on Android and iOS.

Download ShareIt for Android & iOS

Zapya-File Transfer, Sharing

Zapya is one best file sharing apps you can’t help but like. For a Sharing app, it has a lot of things going for it. First, it weighs just 10MB which is pretty small for a file transfer app. Second, it has a group chatting/sharing Feature which you can use to chat with close by friends or send files to multiple connected devices. It is also cross platform so it is available on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and even Linux. You can also watch some pretty interesting short videos shared by others or upload yours. The app uses QR to connect devices which just makes it a lot easier. It also supports about 20 other languages, just in case you don’t speak or understand English.

Zapya features

  1. No File Tranfer Limit.
  2. Cross-platform – available on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux
  3. Discover and watch interesting short videos shared by others.
  4. Offline Chat.
  5. Group Sharing/Chatting.

Download Zapya for Android & iOS

Wrapping Up

These are pretty much the best file sharing apps you should have as most people will usually have at least one of these three already installed in their devices which makes file sharing a lot more easier, especially the first one.

There is also an option on Xender to send a copy of the App itself (Xender) to someone who doesn’t have it, then install the app and use the Xender app to send the files you would like to share. There are also other apps out there for this but these are the most popular ones and the one most people tend to have Installed already on their Smartphone.

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