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Fotor: An Excellent Online Photo Editor with Graphic Design Features

Fotor is a versatile program that functions as an online photo editor, a collage maker, and a desktop app. Designed with RAW conversion support, Fotor comes in multiple versions: The online, desktop (offline), and Pro versions. But the choice will depend on the kind of functionality you need. For RAW conversion support, you should opt for the desktop version, while the online option is ideal for light JPEG editing tasks.

But in any case, you’ll need to upgrade Fotor to the Pro version as the free version does not have much of the app’s usability. The most significant advantage Fotor has over its competitors like Photoshop and Lightroom is, it has a considerably faster learning curve.

Graphic Design Features of Fotor

Seamless Editing

With Fotor, you can edit and retouch your pictures and designs easily and instantly with Fotor coolest Graphic design Features. To open an image in this software, click “Edit” in the home page and the editor will be launched. If you’re making use of the program for the first time, once you open it, you will be greeted with an ‘Add Photo First’ dialogue at the top. You should press it to specify your Source, whether it is Fotor Cloud, Computer, Dropbox & Facebook, and follow the ensuing instructions to upload.

Robust Options to Collage and Design:

Fotor provides the Collage feature that you can use to make collages from your favourite images. Also, the “Design” section offers all the necessary tools to create designs for personal projects or school activities.

A Rich Variety of Tools:

In the left panel of this app, you will find all the tools for image editing, graphic design, and more. Some of these are the “Crop” tool, the “Rotate” tool, the “Magic Clipper” tool, the “Basic” tool, and the extremely important “Fine-tune” option.

The “Basic” Tool:

This is the section where all the basic adjustment options can be found. These include the feature for changing Brightness, Saturation, Contrast as well as Sharpness.

Exposure (Fine-Tune):

In the “Fine-tune” section, you will find the other key editing and design tools, like Exposure, Shadows, and Highlights. You can adjust these tools, depending on your need and style.


This feature includes Temperature & Tint, which you can use to edit the image’s white balance and tint if you feel they are off. You may also decide to leave them unchanged if necessary. It is recommended that you avoid overdoing white balance and tint, even when you are trying to edit your colour images.

1-Tap Enhance:

This helps you carry out a quick “enhancement” of images. You can see it as your fast processing mode. While 1-Tap Enhance is a great feature, it may not always give perfect results.


This tool is used for adding some vignetting to images.

excellent Resize Options

: “Resize” lets you adjust the dimensions of your image by cropping and changing the file size with specific numbers. You can also enter a percentage for altering image size, instead of numbers.

Great Effect:

The Effect panel can be found below the Basic panel. In “Effect”, you will see a lot of features, which are ready-made touches that can be applied at the click of your button and produce a specific effect in an image.


Frames let allow you to put your favourite frame around an image. Fotor comes with over 100 photo frames.

Other Fantastic Features of Features:

  • Basic Portrait Touch-Up
  • Basic HDR Option
  • Advanced Beauty Features
  • Classic Content
  • Exclusive 100+ photo effects
  • Advanced HDR Feature
  • Artistically designed backgrounds and textures
  • 300+ custom designed stickers
  • 80+ exquisite collage templates
  • Constantly Updated New Content
  • 1000+ design templates dimensions

Fotor is, indeed, a powerful online photo editing app. Apart from its numerous powerful features, its interface is also very user-friendly, and the overall layouts and feel are incredibly great, too.

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