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Best Free Phone Plans from Major Carriers in the US

Are you looking for the best free phone plans from major carriers in the US? Well, we answered how you can get a free cell phone regardless of the carrier you are using. Most of the time these deals sleep under the radar, they are difficult to access. There are a lot of deals that can land you a smartphone for free. Many users don’t know how to go about it, rest assured this article will guide you.

When switching carriers at the appropriate time you can qualify to walk away with a brand new smartphone. One thing to note is that you will have to pay taxes before you check out. At least you are not paying the whole price which is somewhat reasonable. This guide will solely focus on major carriers, and let’s get started.

Best Free Phone Plans from Major Carriers in the US

verizon cell phone plan
Verizon-One of the biggest carriers in the US

The biggest carriers always offer deals where you can get a free phone. The deals mostly involve you porting from one carrier to another, or maybe if you upgrade your cell phone plan. There is a contract you are expected to sign before getting a free cellphone. The contract usually lasts for two years, and there are some hurdles you need to jump past before getting the deal. We will share with you the process of getting a free phone from all the major carriers in the US below.

How to Get a Free Phone from T-Mobile

T-Mobile is one of the biggest mobile network carriers in the US. They offer Android and iPhones for free to their customers. Here is how you will qualify for a free phone from T-Mobile

  • Upgrade or signup for T-Mobile Unlimited plan
  • Trade-in your old mobile phone, you will need to take your phone to a T-Mobile store to check and see if it is in an appropriate condition.

The steps above will earn you a free phone from T-Mobile. You can get between $800 and $850 worth of bill credit depending on the device you are going for. The credit can be the difference between getting a budget phone or a flagship phone. After two years you will own your phone and switch carriers without any network fee paid. Credit will apply to your bill over two years if you get the free phone from T-Mobile.

How to Get a Free Phone from AT&T

AT&T is also a top-rated carrier in the US, you can get a free iPhone or Android by following the steps below.

  • Trade-in your old phone at any AT&T store near you, but you must go through a list and see if your phone is there. After that, they will assess the condition of your phone before giving you a new phone.
  • Sign up or upgrade to an unlimited AT&T plan

You will get a credit bill of 800 or 700 dollars depending on the device you want to get. Your credit will apply over the course of two years and after then you will own the phone completely. It shares similarities with the T-Mobile plan.

How to Get a Free Phone from Verizon

Verizon offers free iPhones and Android phones. It takes just a few minutes to begin the process of getting a new phone from Verizon. Here are the steps.

  • Trade in your old smartphone at any Verizon store near you. After all the checks they will collect your old phone, and give you a new iPhone or Android phone. You can get an 800-dollar device from them.
  • Upgrade or sign up to an unlimited plan on Verizon

They also offer a two-year bill and the phone will outrightly be yours after that period. Verizon has the best 4G plans in the US, and the internet speed is very fast. They have coverage virtually everywhere you can think of, with amazing internet browsing and call plans.

Conclusion – best free phone plans from major carriers

Above are the best phone plans in the US. There are methods you can use to get free phones from the government, but the process is usually more difficult than getting them from carriers. Hopefully, this article will help you if you are looking at getting a free phone from any carrier in the US. In case you have specific questions please ask in the comment section below.

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