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Best AT&T Prepaid Plans in USA 2024

Are you looking for the best AT&T prepaid plans to help you save money? You are at the right place because we sourced the best-prepaid plans available this month. Although the prepaid plans for AT&T are cheaper and faster, you also don’t get stuck in a lengthy contract associated with other carriers. Below you will find the list of AT&T prepaid subscriptions that come in different price categories.

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There are different plans, and you have to pick a particular plan that fits your budget. We will also provide a complete breakdown of hidden bonuses when you purchase any plan listed below. Before the end of this article, we will also tell you why AT&T prepaid plans are some of the best you can find around.

Top Best AT&T Prepaid Plans

5GB Plan for $30 per month

This is the cheapest AT&T prepaid plan, and it comes with 5GB of data for a month. You can use it to check your email occasionally and watch YouTube videos from time to time. Unfortunately, the plan doesn’t work in Canada and Mexico. You can also use the plan for any calling or texting. If you want to pay for one year, it costs $360.

15GB Plan for $40 per month

This plan gives you 15GB, and it might be enough for even the busiest users. For $10 more, you are getting an additional 10GB. It is enough to stream videos on YouTube, Spotify, and hours of web browsing. You pay $480 if you want the plan for one year.

Unlimited plan for $65 per month ($50 auto-pay)

If you are constantly surfing the web, this plan might be for you. However, it is slightly more expensive than the $15GB plan. There are times when the network might be slow, and you will have to pay extra bucks for hotspot data for a faster connection. You will pay $780 if you want to use the plan for a year.

Unlimited plan for $75 per month ($60 with auto-pay)

This plan is for the heaviest users. If you spend your entire day on the Internet, this is the best plan. The connection is high-speed, and it lets you access AT&T 5G network. It also comes with 10GB of data for a mobile hotspot. If you have burned more than 22GB of data in a month, the network might be slowed down. You have to pay $900 if you want to use the plan for a year.

What AT&T Prepaid Plans Have in Store

All AT&T plans come with data, but they offer more than that. If you purchase any of the plans above, here is what you will get in addition.

  • 4G LTE or 5G connectivity
  • Data Rollover
  • Unlimited text and talk
  • Roaming in Mexico and Canada (Except 5GB Plan)
  • Mobile hotspot support
  • Autopay Discounts
  • Unlimited texting to over 100 countries

Why you Should Go for AT&T Prepaid Plans


You can pay monthly or pay a year in a single payment. However, the yearly fee can save you a lot of money in the long run if you choose to go with it.

Cheap Data

The plans are cheap and affordable, and you don’t get locked up in a lengthy contract. In addition, you are entitled to a certain amount of data each month you pay for a plan. So if you are a single-line owner, you can take advantage of their affordable plans.

No Credit checks

If you choose AT&T prepaid plans, there are no credit checks. So, if credit is a problem for you, then these plans are available; you can use them while you try to build up your credit score.

Conclusion – Best AT&T Prepaid Plans

We listed the plans for AT&T above, and hopefully, you will pick one that fits your budget. The plans are flexible and last a month, and you can even decide to pay upfront for a year. That’s It for this one, and I know it will be helpful to a lot of people.

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