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10 Best Games like Tacticool

Tacticool is an action-packed game for Android and IOS, a lot of people enjoy playing the game and they look for alternatives. Today we are listing the 10 best games like Tacticool in this article on Phonecorridor. The game is unique because it allows you to play alone or with friends. It has quality graphics and that is a major factor that attracts people to the game.

The gameplay is fast-paced and it is a 5v5 battle. There are various weapons available during gameplay making it more intense. The game also has a lot of hidden challenges that make it more fun. There are a ton of games with similar physics but we are sharing only the 10 best games you can download. Some of the games listed are available on both IOS and Android.

Enough of the long talks let’s get down to business and list the best tactical-like games

Best Games like Tacticool

1.    Brawl Troopers

Brawl Troopers has a combination of action, strategy, and shooter genres. A player passes instructions to his team as they fight to defeat evil. The game has superb graphics and excellent gameplay. There are different warriors in the game with different skill sets. The game is easy to play but difficult to become an expert on.

You can also train your soldiers to improve their chances of winning battles for you. There is weaponry where you have access to kits for your soldiers. Brawl Troopers is an awesome game that works like Tacticool.

2.    Pocket Troops

Pocket Troops is one of the best games like Tacticool. The game is an RPG shooting game that can be played with friends in multiplayer mode. It takes place in a small environment with mini soldiers that you can order to win battles for you. You also need to build your soldiers from the beginning of the game.

There is also a collection of weapons in the game used to upgrade the level of your soldiers. The game is fantastic and easy to play. It also has a great interface that makes it more enjoyable.

3.    LastCraft Survival

The LastCraft survival is available for both Android and IOS, and it is one of the few action-packed games like Tacticool. At the start, the player needs to make a devastating weapon for himself. The weapon is what he will use to fight through the game. It must be powerful enough to smash out waves of zombies in the game.

There is a multiplayer mode where you can play with friends and the survivor is the winner. There are also different modes in the game that you will enjoy.

4.    Guns of Boom

The Guns of Boom is one of the best games like Tacticool. It replicates the graphics and level of action that comes with playing Tacticool. The game is adventure-packed and there is a multiplayer mode. You have to form a team with players from around the world and fight rival team members.

There are different levels of difficulty, and players have to upgrade the skills of their character to level up. The game has up to 48 weapons that can be unlocked as you progress.

5.    Bad 2 Bad: Extinction – best games like Tacticool

Bad 2 Dad: Extinction is another fantastic game-like tactic with great graphics and gameplay. The game is a single-player game, with a collection of various characters and unique storylines. You can customize your character to the best of your ability so they can compete and win battles for you.

There are over twenty characters in the game, with more than sixty weapons, and armor. You are going to develop a troop and win battles. There are a lot of features in the game and you need to check it out.

6.    Space Marshals

Space Marshals is one of the best games like Tacticoo and it can be downloaded on both Android and IOS devices. The game is a blend of stealth and tactical action combat gameplay. You act as a specialist who is trying to take down all the criminals in the galaxy. You have a dual-stick shooter as the main character. The game is exciting to play and makes sure you try it out.

7.    Metal Madness

Metal Madness is an action racing and multiplayer game available for IOS and Android. The fast cars in the game make it unique among others listed today. It has unique graphics because of its cyberpunk-like environment.

You drive the armored cars to smash your enemy’s car with flamethrowers, guns, bombs, and more. The races are dangerous and the cars are armed with weapons that can be upgraded. At the start of the game you need to select your car and you will be guided on how the game works.

8.    FRAG Pro Shooter

FRAG pro shooter can be played with multiplayer or single-player. There is a 1v1 mode that you can use to challenge your friends. The game also has amazing characters, if you are killed you can respawn into another character. It is action-packed with various weapons that can be upgraded. You can also arrange your battle deck in offensive, defensive or balanced style. Each character also has his unique strengths.

9.    WarFriends

WarFreinds takes place in a 3D world and it is action-packed with many interesting features. The game can be played in Single mode or Multiplayer mode. You also going to play alongside others from around the world. There are various avatars and weapons in the game you can select from. The game also has a collection of different weapons to choose from. It is enjoyable with high-quality graphics like Tacticool.

10. State of Survival

State of Survival is an action-packed strategy survival game that takes place in a ruined environment. The game is available for Android and IOS. You need to rebuild the world and rescue people to become their masters. The game is looking towards a hero to help them which is you. You have to build settlements and search for cures to help survivors. The game is fun to play while still challenging.


Tacticool is an awesome game and the games listed above are the closest in terms of gameplay. There is no way they will look exactly like Tacticool without adding some unique and challenging features. If you try any of the games above you will understand what I mean. Hopefully, this will be helpful, and if there is any game kindly mention it in the comment below.

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